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February 9, 2015

Kids first dentist visit: what to expect

  We all hate going to the dentist, nothing personal against the dentist but it inevitably leads to discomfort. Sure we’d love to just avoid it […]
January 30, 2015

Play: The Work of Toddlers

  It is not just important for children to play games, but also important that toddlers are equipped with the right tools that will stimulate mental […]
December 24, 2014

Is your baby model material?

There are very few mothers who don’t find think their babies are the most beautiful creature on earth. The question is whether the professionals agree. Modelling […]
November 25, 2014

Pregnancy gas: simple solutions you can try right now

For some women, it isn’t a twinkle in the eye or a missed period that alerts them to their pregnancies; it’s a sudden increase in gas. […]
October 26, 2014

Toddler facts that will make your hair stand on end

  Who ever said, “Dynamite comes in small packages” must have been talking about a toddler. Toddlers are just amazing, their brains are growing at breakneck […]
September 24, 2014

Guide to exercising with your baby

You are not the first new mother to wonder if you will ever exercise again. Between the exhaustion and the constant baby care, it’s little wonder […]
September 10, 2014

Tips for taming tooth-brushing trauma

While you may have been brushing your baby’s teeth for a while already, it isn’t until they reach the toddler years that it becomes a challenge. […]
September 1, 2014

5 fun things you can do with your newborn

For many first time parents, it can be surprising just how little a newborn does. So many ask things like, “When does it become fun?” or […]
August 4, 2014

Diabetes rates increased sharply in children

In just eight years, diabetes in US children has skyrocketed, with a 21% increase in Type 1 diabetes (between 2001 and 2009), while Type 2 diabetes […]
July 8, 2014

New epilepsy medication safe for your unborn child?

Historically there seemed to have been no hope of having healthy, normal babies for women taking epilepsy medication, as these medications are believed to increase the […]
June 19, 2014

Toddler harnesses: Godsend or lazy parenting?

The subject of toddler harnesses gets both parents and non-parents all fired up. It’s certainly a contentious issue with some parents regarding them as lifesaving, and […]
June 17, 2014

Diet drinks and heart disease linked

Post-menopausal women who consumed two or more diet drinks per day, were about 30% more likely to suffer from a cardiovascular event and 50% more likely […]
June 10, 2014

Kids don’t need two parents to be happy – study

Single parents everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief, new research shows that children are equally happy whether they live with one parent or two. UK […]
June 9, 2014

Doctors Without Boundaries: sexual exploitation by male doctors

Death, taxes and pelvic exams; unavoidable realities for most women. The average woman can expect at least 50 pelvic exams throughout her life. Even more if […]
June 7, 2014

Cloth nappies: guaranteed to delight

In the past, using cloth nappies meant extra mess, extra fuss and a serious commitment to the cause. The simple terry cloth squares, safety pins and […]