First Aid


My Child Just Swallowed Poison—What Do I Do? You may have poison-proofed your home and taken all the necessary precautions to prevent your child from accessing those dangerous substances. Even so, the unexpected may still occur, which is why it’s important that you are always aware of your little one’s whereabouts and activities in the home. [More...]


Bandaged HandsEmergency scenes where burns are involved may conjure up collective feelings of confusion, fear and nervousness. This is especially true if you don’t know what to do. [More...]


First Aid:  How to Prevent DrowningInfants, toddlers and children may get excited about large and small bodies of water. The older they get, the faster they put on their swimsuits, gear up the inflatable water aids and go for their big jump. To ensure their safety, children should be taught the dos and don’t s of what is expected of them near water -- as soon as possible. [More...]


Baby MedicineBabies can have serious effects to different medicines, and for that reason every parent should know which medicines they can and cannot give their baby. Always check to see what the medicine consists of, and what the possible side effects can be. Below are some of the most dangerous medicines for your baby. [More...]