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Is my bra fitting properly?

woman_in_braDo you constantly have to tug on your bra’s straps, back side or cups? Wishing you had a bra with the perfect fit? Measuring for the right fit is just the beginning.


How to measure?

Well this is something you can’t go at alone. You’ll need a friend or partner to handle the tape measure.” While wearing an unpadded bra, stand with your arms to your side and stand up straight (do not raise your arms in the air as this will affect the measurement),” advises Simply Gorgeous. And measuring over skin is better than over clothing.


Where to measure

You measure two places: directly under the bust taking the tape around your body (the underbust measurement), and from the fullest part of your bust taking the tape around your body (the overbust measurement).


How to calculate

Follow this table from Simply Gorgeous to determine the back size of your bra.

Underbust measurement (inches)

Back size

28 – 31


31 – 33


33 – 35


35 – 37


37 – 39


39 – 41


41 – 43


43 – 45



Now, calculate the difference between your overbust and underbust measurement, and get the cup size:

Difference (inches)

Cup size

No difference






















Suzie’s underbust measurement is 38 inches. Her overbust measurement is 40 inches. The difference between the two is 2 inches. Following the table, this means that the back size should be a 38 and the cup size a C. So the correct bra size for Suzie is 38C.












What if it still doesn’t fit?

That said, certain brands can differ slightly in size, and your body type also plays a role, so use the measurements only as a starting point. Try it on and assess the comfort of the fit before you buy the bra.


Here are some tips to help you determine if the bra fits properly:

 1. Check that the gore is flat against the body. The gore is the centre part of the bra between the breasts where the bra cups come together.

–          Bare says the less stretchy the centre gore, the more supportive it would be. However, this can mean that the gore is also wider, which might not be right for your body type.

–          Check that the gore is not rising up off your chest when you move around. If you lift your arms and bend over, and the gore still stays flat against your skin, you’ve got a winner.

–          When the gore doesn’t press firmly against your body, it might be an indication that the cup size may be too small, or that the style of bra is not right for your body type.

2. Check that the straps stay in place. If they are constantly slipping off, the steps are too wide apart. If the straps are too tight it will press into the skin, leaving indents or red marks on your shoulders and back.

3. Check the band. Don’t let it ride up your back or press into your skin. If it does, it is a clear indication that the bra is not for you.

4. Check the cups.

–          Bulges are not sexy; steer clear of them at all times. Go for the smooth look – from all angles. Her’s CEO Tomima Edmark says you should pick up your arms and make sure your breasts don’t buldge out at the bottom of the cups. Don’t make the mistake to think that the more revealing demi-cup should buldge. Spot the bulges easier by putting on a tight-fitting shirt over the bra.

–          The opposite is also not ideal – gaping cups equal no support.

5. Check the underwire. The wire should feel comfortable when you move, and the wire shouldn’t poke near your underarm. According to Edmark, the latter is quite common in shorter women and the demi-cup might provide a better fit.

6. Stand back and assess your look. Is this the look you desire? To provide a natural but sexy look, see that your breasts are not pushed too close together, but also not too far apart so that they extend beyond your torso.




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