Top make-up tips to bring your face to life

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September 27, 2013
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Top make-up tips to bring your face to life


Preparing the canvas

Always start with fresh, clean skin. Apply a moisturiser suitable for your skin type to smooth the skin. Next, apply sunscreen. To save time and money you can look for a moisturiser with an SPF of preferably more than 20, or alternatively buy a foundation with a reasonable SPF.

Perfecting imperfections

For dark circles around your eyes, choose a moisturising dark-circle correcting concealer. Taking one finger, pat a small amount of concealer below your eyes and softly blend. Now let’s turn our focus to spots. Choose a tinted spot-correcting concealer and pat on spots, blending outward. Dark marks are next. A concealer stick or pen is best. Dot a small amount on each dark mark and blend. Make sure the different concealers are all the same shade, and that the shade matches your skin colour, or is just half a shade lighter than your skin colour.

Foundation application

There are various ways of applying foundation. There is the foundation brush, sponge or the good old faithful fingers. Test each method and determine which is best for you: check for streaks – you want a smooth finish. It is important that the shade of foundation is an exact match to your skin colour. There are a few key rules: never ever apply too much foundation; always blend, especially along your jaw line; get the right foundation for your skin type. If you have oily skin, get an oil-free foundation, etc. There is also an alternative to liquid foundation – powder foundation, which is great for a light oil-free finish.

Add a natural glow

For a natural glow, add a touch of colour to the apples of your cheeks. Use either a sultry bronzer or an innocent blush, depending on the occasion and off course your mood. Again, less is more. Take a big brush, lightly dab it into the bronzing powder or blush, tap the brush on your wrist to lose the excess powder. Brush against the apples of your cheeks, taking care not to concentrate on one spot. Take a step back and assess your look. By this time your skin should look even with a hint of colour.

For the next part, you need to know that it is best to only accentuate either your eyes or your lips – not both. If you go dark on your eyes, only apply a hint of gloss to your lips, if you go for full colour on your lips, go easy on your eyes.

Expertly form your eyes with eyeliner

For daywear don’t overdo it. Apply your eyeliner (brown for a more smokey and softer look, black for making more of a statement) to your eyelids – carefully tracing your upper and lower lashes. Blend the harsh lines, especially on your lower lids with an earbud if you don’t have an eyeliner blending bud. Blend more for smokier eyes.

Bring your eyes to life with eyeshadow

Experiment with various colours. Remember, your eyeshadow does not need to match your outfit, it needs to match your eyes. Go lighter for the day, darker for the evening. Apply a light stroke on your upper lid. Keep it simple if you are new to applying make-up.

Finishing with mascara

Mascara shouldn’t be applied too thick as it will clot. Again, brown makes for a softer look, whereas black is more dramatic. Move the brush from the roots of your lashes to the end. Reapply.

Lustrous lips

Depending on how dramatic your eyes were made up, you can now choose the look for your lips. Some women prefer to use lipstick, some gloss; some prefer to line the lips first for added fullness, some prefer the more bare and natural look without lip liner. Experiment and see what works for you.

Remember to always take a step back and assess your look. It should never look overdone. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the make-up you are wearing.


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