Lifebouy gives back to communities this Global Hand Washing Day

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Lifebouy gives back to communities this Global Hand Washing Day


Did you know that hand washing is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of bacteria? Lifebuoy is the World’s #1 germ protection soap and a worldwide leader in bringing better health and hygiene to billions. Our aim is to teach our children the importance of handwashing in an effort to stop the spread of disease.

Sadly, diarrhea is the third biggest killer of children in South Africa and an act as simple as regular hand washing with Lifebuoy soap can reduce the risk of diarrhea by 45%. Lifebuoy will not stop until we have spread the word; until we have reached every school, parent and child; until South Africa and the rest of the world recognises that hand washing saves lives!

The world will celebrate Global Hand Washing Day on the 15 October and Lifebuoy will commemorate this day by initiating our School of 5 campaign during the month of October. The main focus of this campaign will be to educate children on the five most important occasions when hand washing is non-negotiable.

Lifebuoy believes that by educating our children and teachers, this message will reach our communities and we can all play a part increating a healthier and safer South Africa for all. This message will be edified by an ongoing programme which the schools will run, fully supported by the Lifebuoy ambassadors. Lifebuoy will equip the schools with everything they need to facilitate the education of our children about the absolute necessity of hand washing.

It is our mission to change the hygiene behaviour of 1 billion people by 2015 in order to save lives. We understand the value of teaching our children simple methods to control the spread of germs. Washing hands after bathroom breaks is a given, but encouraging our children to wash hands at regular intervals during the day is a sure way to decrease and possibly eliminate the spread of germs. Global Hand Washing Day is the perfect opportunity to spread hand washing awareness and we encourage you to use this day to help us spread this message, but Lifebuoy will not stop there. Ongoing education is the only way to ensure we are changing and saving lives.

Will you spend Global Hand Washing Day educating your families, colleagues and friends on the benefits of hand washing? Will you be a part of the hand washing revolution which will change and save lives? Will you help to reduce the risk of a child dying of an avoidable disease? Lifebuoy commits to changing lives, one hand wash at a time. We are on asocial mission to fight the spread of germs and infections. Like our Facebook page to ensure you are at the forefront of keeping your families germfree and to see what Lifebuoy is doing in the hearts of communities to save lives.




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