Pregnancy – General

March 16, 2013

Seatbelts & Airbags: good or bad for unborn babies?

With 5 514 fatal car accidents on South African roads from November 2011 to March 2012 alone (Arrive Alive), road safety should be at the forefront […]
March 7, 2013

Am I pregnant? The early signs

Observe carefully – your body is trying to tell you something – the long-awaited bump could be closer than you think. Yes, and your body has […]
July 27, 2012

Status Update: I’m Pregnant!

You’re pregnant, yes!!! Finally, you have a baby growing inside of you and naturally, you are over the moon. What great news. Now comes the fun […]
April 5, 2012

Health Tip: Traveling By Plane During Pregnancy?

(HealthDay News) — If you travel by plane during pregnancy, take some extra time to ensure a more comfortable journey. The American Congress of Obstetricians and […]
March 20, 2012

Your New Parenting Relationship

Becoming new parents creates significant changes in the relationship between you and your partner. The experience of being a parent affects both partners and is usually […]
December 28, 2011

Health Tip: Wear Your Seat Belt During Pregnancy

(HealthDay News) — Wearing a seat belt is particularly important during pregnancy, when you’re protecting for two. The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these suggestions […]
October 21, 2011

Pregnancy Untruths

Before and during pregnancy, women are told a fair share of myths surrounding pregnancy and child bearing. Apart from strangers being obsessed with your baby bump […]
August 30, 2011

Health Tip: Feel More Rested During Pregnancy

(HealthDay News) — Fatigue is a common complaint among pregnant women, but there are things you can do to get better sleep and boost your energy. […]
April 25, 2011

Pediatricians Urge Better Protection From Chemicals

MONDAY, April 25 (HealthDay News) — The U.S. chemical management policy needs an overhaul because it does not adequately protect children and pregnant women, who are […]
April 10, 2011

Common Fears In Pregnancy

If you have recently discovered that you are expecting a baby, you are more than likely over the moon with joy and anticipation. Even though, for […]
April 4, 2011

The Dos And Don’ts Of Pregnancy!

Expectant moms are usually bombarded with views and opinions, and caring friends and relatives are all too happy to impart their words of wisdom to the […]
February 18, 2011

Science or Fiction: Can You Choose Your Baby’s Sex?

One of the most common questions asked of a pregnant woman is: “What are you hoping for? A boy or a girl?” And most times the […]
February 11, 2011

Greater Caution Urged for X-Rays in Pregnancy, Infants

Possible increase in cancer risk in kids exposed before birth and up to 3 months of age, study finds   FRIDAY, Feb. 11 (HealthDay News) — […]
February 3, 2011

Find Maternity Clothes Perfect For You And Your Budget!

At some point in your life, you must have imagined what you might look like when pregnant. You probably pictured an ethereal glow, gorgeous curves and […]
January 20, 2011

Doctor or Midwife? The Pros and Cons

Which prenatal caregiver is right for you? While it’s true that there are few times in a woman’s life quite as exciting as pregnancy, it is […]