Picture Book For Kids – Touch & Listen

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August 13, 2013
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Picture Book For Kids – Touch & Listen


“Touch and Listen” is an exciting picture book app from Wombi that includes over 200 different sounds and images for your child. The game grouped objects into categories: Animals on the Farm, Wild Animals, Vehicles, In the House and an extra category which features unusual and fun sounds. The app is fully customisable and parents have the option to switch between photos or cartoons and whether to show the names of the objects or play their sounds. The parent options are also hidden behind a child lock.

The app has two modes, the first mode is a basic picture book-style game and the second is a quiz game.

In the picture book mode, your child will be prompted to touch one of the objects on the screen and depending on the options you have enabled, the screen may also show you the word, and you may hear the noise the object makes, such as a snake’s hiss or an ambulance’s siren, after the name of the object is spoken aloud. Touching the word again repeats all the sounds.

Touching one of the categories in the second mode brings up a question screen. The narrator will say “What am I asking for?” before speaking the name of an object or playing the noise of the object. The screen will include four choices and your child selects the corresponding object; pressing the question mark will play the question again. Answering five questions correctly gains you five stars and you will win a cheering noise and a short animation before continuing with the quiz. If a question is answered incorrectly you get an error noise; your child can just keep pressing until they get it right.

This is a well-designed app. Wombi has really thought about its core users by making the app appealing to them. Pictures are bold, bright and clear, photographs are varied and vibrant and the controls are intuitive. The narration is clear and well-spoken, which is a blessing.

Before long children starts repeating the words for the different sounds app and applying them in situations. For example, children will start pointing out specifics like a “sports car” as opposed to just a “car”. And to be honest, there’s not much more parents could ask for from an educational game.

Look for this app in your respective app stores.


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