10 Fun Things to Do With Your Baby

Fun with babyBabies have so much to learn – and you can make it fun for you and your little one. Finding ways to play with your baby doesn’t necessarily require a trip to the toy shop. The time that you spend together can help mold your child and be a great bonding time for the two of you.

Enjoy this list of simple ways to enjoy your time together and great fun things to do with your little one.

Join a play group. Being part of a play group is great at getting you out of the house and helps relieve any feelings of isolation or depression that you may have felt since having your baby. Play groups offer the opportunity to meet other moms who are at the same stage of life and with whom you share similar concerns. Together you can exchange ideas and advice about your children. Ultimately you become each other’s support group.

Read to your baby. Babies love the sound of their mom’s voice. Reading books is a wonderful way to spend some time with your child at any age. Pick books that are colourful and filled with bold shapes. Point to the different animals in a book and teach your baby what sound each one makes. Use a different voice for each character in a story. Your baby may not understand what you’re reading but be assured that they will definitely be intrigued and fascinated.

Exercise together. Exercising with your baby is one of the optimal ways of having fun together. Not only will it help you shed that unwanted pregnancy weight, your child will revel in the physical movement and contact with you. You can start simply by going for a power walk with baby in the pram or holding him or her to your chest in a baby sling. Find out if baby and mommy fitness classes are available at your local gym. Sometimes mom-and-baby-geared businesses offer a variety of classes to choose from. Whether it’s yoga or swimming, the options are open.

Pack a picnic. Head to your local park with a blanket and lunch. Let your baby feel the grass tickle his feet, and have him lie on your lap and watch the leaves rustle in the wind. Even if he’s too young to roll a ball, he’ll love watching other people play. Frisbee games, bikes, dogs, birds, and squirrels are all five-star entertainment.

Finger food fun. Playing with your food doesn’t have to be bad. Use food to play games. See how many crackers you can stack before they fall. Pretend to be in the sea with your goldfish. Use instant pudding to make drawings on waxed paper. Try making necklaces from Froot Loops or Oatees and string. The best part about playing with food is the clean-up—you can eat it all! (Only for older babies of course.)

Sing songs. Singing silly and playful songs to your child can be very soothing for both you and your loved one. There are many different classic lullabies that you can choose to sing, or if you’re the creative type you can try changing the words to the song, or coming up with your own new songs entirely!

Introduction to animals. Your baby is probably too young for a trip to the zoo but nothing prevents the two of you from visiting your local pet store, where a whole new world of discovery awaits. Your son or daughter will be amazed at the puppies, kittens, bunnies, birds and all of the other animals.

Kitchen fun. Taking pans out of the cupboard and banging them keeps little one amused for ages and you can get on with things in the kitchen.

Share a soak. Relaxing in a bath can be a reality! Listen to classical music or sing a lullaby as you soak together in warm water. If your baby is feeling more playful, add in some bath toys and plastic cups.  It’s a great bonding experience. For safety reasons, be sure not to fill the bath too high, and always have a firm hold on your child.

Take a walk outside. Fresh air and a bit of exercise for you and a world of wonder for your baby. Birds, noises and new smells. Stop and look up in the trees and let your little one feel the texture of the leaves and see all the brightly coloured flowers.

Whichever way you decide to spend time with your baby, keep in mind that you have embarked on a fabulous journey that shouldn’t restrict you to just feeding, burping, bathing and the countless other responsibilities attached to parenthood. So get out there with baby in tow and have some fun!

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