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Breastfeeding, weight gain and baby-s intelligence linked


Recent studies reveal that higher IQ in your child’s early school years can be predicted by rapid weight gain and increased head size in the first months of her life.

In this study scientist followed newborn babies until the age of six.

According to the University of Adelaide’s School of Population Health, Lisa Smithers, says “Head circumference is an indicator of brain volume, so a great increase in head circumference in a newborn baby suggests more rapid brain growth.

The newborns were weighed, and their IQs were tested when they were older. It was found that babies who gained 40% of their weight at birth during the first four weeks after birth tested 1.5 verbal IQ points higher than newborns who put on 15% of their weight at birth.

Smithers explains: -This may be because the neural structures for verbal IQ develop earlier in life, which means the rapid weight gain during the neonatal period could be having a direct cognitive benefit for the child.


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