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Does my baby love me? Spot the signs


Even though babies can’t verbally express what they are feeling, they do give you subtle signs to tell you that they love you.

Physical care and contact leads to attachment and attachment in turn lays the foundation for a loving bond.  It is believed that certain signs can indicate your baby’s attachment to you, but remember, -Attachment is a process according to Psychology professor Debbie Laible.

The signs of love below are universal and true for all ages; it should come as no surprise that babies also use these to express their love.

Wants you around:
Baby could be upset when you leave – crying or frowning or moaning – and show signs of happiness – smiling, wiggling with excitement, flapping arms – when you come back again. Wanting someone around when you love them is a universal sign of love. It is only natural to want to be surrounded by people you love and to want to spend time with them.

An undeniable sign of your baby’s love and delight is that first smile, and the many smiles that follow. At about six to eight weeks caregivers could already receive the gift of that precious first smile. Smiling is very powerful as it not only expresses delight, it is also an indication of baby’s likes and dislikes. Furthermore, it positively reinforces good behaviour: the more you nurture and play, the more smiles you elicit, the more you’ll nurture and play, and so on. Again this is the way to sealing that bond between you, and a sure sign that she is falling even deeper in love with you.

Eye contact:
Your face will be the most familiar sight to baby and if she stares into your eyes it is most probably a sign that she is falling in love with you one stare at a time. Just watch those eyes follow you around the room or stare at you for minutes on end. On the other hand neuroscientist Lise Eliot is of meaning that babies’ gazes are designed to be so attractive as to elicit love from a caregiver. Either way, this dynamic between you and your baby is necessary to form a strong loving bond.

Uses you as a shield:
Is baby hiding his face in your bosom or shoulder when someone or something that scares or makes him uncomfortable approaches him? This indicates that baby feels safe with you, and that safety is also interpreted as love, deepening the bond even further.

Unmistakeably you:
Your baby could distinguish your unique smell in of a room full of women. Psychology professor and author Alison Gopnik says that babies are able to recognise their caregiver within a few weeks. This could be due to their undeniable survival instinct – the smell of milk. Again the nurturing of baby’s body strengthens the attachment between the two of you.

Talks to you:
Ever thought that -goo-goo-gaga’ can mean I love you? Well, yes. Babbling can be another sign of baby’s adoration for you. Their attempt to communicate with you shows that they are interested in you and feel comfortable enough with you to express their feelings.

Saving those tantrums just for you:
Ever heard: -Oh she’s such an angel, you’re so lucky! and then all hell breaks loose the second you get into the car or reach home? Well, even that can be a sign of true love. Baby feels comfortable enough with you to just let go.


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