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How To Choose A Good Pram

Style does matterAsk any parent what the most valuable piece of equipment they have for their baby is, and chances are, most will answer their pram. Whether you love taking long walks, or just to make doing the grocery shopping a little bit easier, your baby’s pram is going to be a constant fixture in your life – at least for a few years – so it is worth finding a great one.  Here are a few important things you should consider.


Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest factors in which pram you will choose is your lifestyle.  If you are the outdoorsy sort, for instance, you are going to want a pram that is robust enough to stand up to the terrain when you are out exploring. If your family is more sedate, then a less hardy model should be fine. Consider where you like going, and what you like to do, and then use that to narrow down your choices.


The Quality

With so many prams on the market, in so many categories from jogging prams to super light fold ups, the next thing you need to consider, once you have narrowed down the type of pram you need, is the quality. You are going to be using your pram often (probably even once a day) for the next few years, so if it is flimsy or poorly made, it could be a problem to use, or even dangerous. Look at the materials that it is made out of, inspect the hinges and clips, and make sure it is up to the abuse it is going to get!


The Weight and Size

There are some really great prams out there that are just too big and heavy for most of us. The average family these days drives a smaller car, so make sure, for instance, that your chosen pram fits in your car boot, with space for everything else! If you live on the first or second floor of a building, consider how easy it will be to manoeuvre your pram up stairs, and remember that your baby will not be light as a feather forever! Is the pram you are choosing something you will want to push with a fifteen-kilo toddler in it?


The Look

Let’s face it – prams have become something of a status symbol. Gone are the days when they were just a means of getting from point A to point B! However, while fashions come and go, there’s something that won’t change – what you like. Take a long hard look at the pram you’re considering. Does it look good to you? Are the colours muted and stylish, or do they make you dizzy? A pram is something you’re going to look at every day, so make sure you like the way it looks!


Easy Cleaning

If you’re a first time parent, there’s probably something you haven’t figured out yet – babies and toddler’s are messier than you ever imagined possible! You’re going to spend time cleaning your pram, no matter what you do, so you might as well make it easier, and look for something that cleans easily. Look for fabrics that are machine washable, or that wipe clean. Opt for prams that have detachable trays, which you can take off and wipe clean easily. Consider darker colours, that won’t show dirt up so quickly. That pale beige pram might look stunning in the shops, but when your baby is dirtying it every five minutes, you’re not going to love it so much!


Read Reviews and Safety Information

By the time you’ve gone this far down the list, you should have narrowed your choices down to a few prams. Now for the most important part. Venture onto the Internet, and take a look at reviews of the pram, and safety information. Even baby equipment is sometimes recalled, and, especially if you’re considering a second hand pram, you should know that the one you want to buy is safe!

The good news is that you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to get a great pram. Just make sure that you take everything on this list into account, and you should find it a lot easier to choose the right one for your family, and your budget.


 – Tamara Aspeling


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