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Is your baby model material?

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There are very few mothers who don’t find think their babies are the most beautiful creature on earth. The question is whether the professionals agree.

Modelling is big business in South Africa, we have gorgeous weather and a rainbow of inhabitants and production crews flock to us to make use of our beautiful models and our stunning country. There is plenty of work for babies with just the right combination of good looks and sunny personalities. The money is good; you will meet interesting people and go on exciting adventures.

What does it really take to be a baby model? And how do you get started? Let’s take a closer look at the world of baby models.

What does it take to be a baby model?

There’s no skin colour or body type that is better. It all depends what the client is looking for. Successful baby models are friendly, easy going and have their own sparkle. Casting agents say it’s difficult to define but a happy, spontaneous baby is likely to do well. Baby models should also be in good health and good around people.

Baby modelling can be quite a commitment from parents.  If you are a stay at home parent or one parent is able to work flexible hours it won’t be a problem to accommodate all the castings, fittings and shoots.

Getting started: useful information

Assuming your child isn’t a Cyclops or sporting an extra nostril, there is bound to be a local agency that will sign him or her up.

–          Keep in mind that it is one thing to be registered and quite another to be given work.

–                   Babies can start from as early as a few days old.

–                   You’ll need to make sure baby has an updated portfolio because babies change so rapidly, regular photos and measurements will need to be given in.

–                   Earnings are taxed, and can take up to 3 months to be paid.

–                   Many adult agencies take babies, and there are specialized kids agencies as well.

–        If you are just starting out it might be wise to sign up with a smaller agency first. You’ll get more personalized attention.


Some South African agencies that sign babies include Bambini Models (in Cape Town), Aardvark casting agency (offices in Cape Town and Gauteng), and Kidz2000 (also in Cape Town and Gauteng).

Tips for avoiding scams:

As with anything, there are scammers who take advantage of naïve parents. Beware of anyone who promises you a fortune, as well as anyone wanting a large upfront registration fee. Registration fees at legitimate modelling agencies range from free to a few hundred Rands. Research any agencies thoroughly; many have active Facebook pages that give a good insight into what it is like to work with them.

Modelling can be lucrative but it is hard work and not for everyone. Though it is quite a kick to see your little one in a Woolworth’s ad or gracing the cover of a magazine, you need to weigh up if it’s the right thing for your family.


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