Making Bath Time Fun Time For Babies

fun while cleaningBath time can be fun or it can be a real hassle if your baby is afraid or doesn’t like it. So, we need to try to make it a fun time for our little ones! Then the problem will be getting them out the bath.

Try these simple ideas to make getting clean more fun and making bath time easier.

Sing Songs Together – Sing to your baby or play fun songs while he takes a bath. Kids love music especially those upbeat tunes. Once he’s learned to associate these fun songs and also your singing with taking a bath, he’ll eventually love and enjoy these baths.

Bubble Time – Try making bath time bubble time. Add a capful of tearless, gentle shampoo to the running water to cause lots of foam in the bath. Make bubble hats or pointy ears with the foam or draw out shapes and patterns on the sides of the bath.

Make a bath time book – While you are bathing baby, have someone take pictures of the process, such as putting him or her in the bath and face and hair washing. Have the photos printed and write a story to go along with them, then put it all together and read the book with your baby during the week to prepare for bath time.

Frozen Fun – Freeze a small bath toy in a plastic cup of water, peel off the cup and watch the ice melt in the bath and the toy magically appear. Ice cube trays can also be used for this with flowers or fruit frozen in the middle of them.

Sponge Animals – Cut animal shapes from new sponges; frogs, alligators, sharks and fish are all popular bath choices. Boys love cars, trains and boats. The choices are endless and they stick to the bath and tiles when wet.

Bath Toys – Aside from the numerous bath toys you can buy, your house, particularly your kitchen, is filled with items baby would love during bath time! Try plastic cups, bowls and plates, measuring cups, measuring spoons, colanders, cooking utensils such as wooden spoons, whisks and any other safe object you think your child would enjoy.

Dolly Time – Bringing a doll into the bath for them to wash is often great fun. Show them how to shampoo and rinse the dolls hair. Hopefully they will be so preoccupied that they will not notice that theirs is being washed!

Colour it – (from 9 months and up) add a few drops of food colouring into the bath and let them watch the water magically change colour. Plastic cups can be filled with the water and then poured out like a colourful rainbow.

Hanging pretty – Babies love movement and colour so hang some playful mobiles up on in the bathroom. This will help distract them while you clean them.

Make sure you’re comfortable, too. Consider washing your baby in the kitchen sink – not only will it save your back, but baby might be more comfortable in a smaller space. Place a towel on the bottom to prevent slippage. Some parents opt to bathe their babies while holding them in the bath; if you choose this option, be sure to practice safety measures and have someone nearby to safely hand you the baby and help when needed. Babies and children also love it when you are in the bath with them.

The final and best part of bath time is to wrap your darling up in a fluffy towel and snuggle up to them so you can smell their clean skin!


 – Sharon Atkins


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