Packing For Baby-s Day Out

Packing for travels with babyTraveling with your baby for the first time can be a gruelling experience if you are a first-time mom. Do you know what all those baby shower gifts were for and do you know that you probably need to pack most of them in your baby’s diaper bag to take with you when you go out?

We know that packing a baby’s diaper bag can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what to pack. We have listed a couple of things to remember to take with when planning to travel with your baby.

  • A few diapers. Yes, a couple. You never know how long you are going to be out for: unexpected things can happen and you could wind up spending the entire day out of the house. And even when you do know how long you’ll be gone, you still never know how many -oopsies’ your baby’s going to have. It’s best to be prepared.
  • Some baby wipes. They usually come in a resealable container. Keep the container in the diaper bag for in case you have to do a diaper change. Wet wipes are also great for the occasional germ-swipe – keeping your hands clean while on the move.
  • Bum cream. Yes, you read right – babies need bum-cream, obviously. Always have a small container of bum cream in the diaper bag to put on your baby’s bum when changing their diaper.
  • An extra set or two of clean clothes for your baby – you never know when an  -oopsie’ might be a bad one. You don’t want your baby to have to wear the same, dirty clothes after something like that happening. You might also want to add an extra shirt or sweater for yourself if something happens on your shirt.
  • Plastic bags. Keep a couple of plastic bags in the diaper bag so you can dispose of used nappies and don’t have to be stuck with an open nappy while walking out and about.
  • Food. Obviously, some milk and tea, or juice. Or even solid foods if your baby is already eating them. They might just be the cure for their endless crying, so always keep something to chew on close by.
  • Burp blanket. You know what this is for. Also, take a pin or clip with to fold and keep the blanket and dirty area folded and closed in the diaper bag.
  • Your baby’s favourite toys, blankets, teddy or soothing tool. They might get bored sitting in a pram all day – pack in something to keep them busy while you are busy. When babies teethe, they need tools to soothe their teeth. If your baby’s in the teething stage, be sure to pack something for them to chew on.
  • Medicine. This is self-explanatory. If your baby is sick, put all the meds that they are currently using in the bag.
  • A pacifier and extra, empty bottles and bottle nipples. You never know what could happen to the current bottle. Remember to keep the nipples sterile and clean, so you might want to pack them in individual zip-lock bags.
  • Sunscreen and other important toiletries. If you are going out into the sun, you will definitely need sunscreen. Pack according to where you are going and what you think you might need.
  • Changing mat. Many people are scared of simply putting their babies down anywhere, especially when they are going to a shopping mall or crowded area where germs can spread like a wildfire. You can pack a custom changing mat into the bag to use whenever you need to change your baby.
  • Tissues. Just for in case.
  • A first-aid kit.
  • A bottle of water and snack for you. Babies are busy bodies. Before you know it, your energy will be drained. Pack some snacks and water for yourself to keep you going.

Packing a diaper bag becomes easier with time: the first time is always the most overwhelming because you are scared you’ll forget something important. Just relax, make a list of everything you think you might need, and pack accordingly. If you forget something, you’ll be out and about – pop into the shops and get what you need. You can never have enough baby gear.

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