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Preparing Your Nursery For Baby-s Arrival

Preparing a new NurseryThere are a lot of preparations that go on ahead of baby’s arrival, and it can be very challenging, especially when you are decorating or preparing your nursery. For many new mothers the nursery needs to not only be comfortable, but a stylish and enchanting room that is also safe for both mom and baby.


Develop a plan for the nursery

Having a plan set out before you start can make all the difference when preparing your nursery for baby’s arrival. Creating a plan will also help you to keep control of what you are doing and prevent creating a chaotic collection of random pieces, but rather create a room that you and baby can feel comfortable in.

Take a walk through your house to see how you can incorporate elements of the whole house into the design of the nursery to make it harmonise with the rest of the house. By choosing complementary colours and décor, you create a clean, simple canvas to add elements of fun and stimulation for your new arrival.

By choosing a neutral canvas, you can change details in the room as you choose, without having to completely redo the room.

Keeping the room spacious without crowding the nursery with too much furniture will be important for you and your baby, especially at four in the morning when you don’t want to be stumbling over furniture.

Choose quality pieces that will last. A good idea is to purchase a convertible crib that can later become a toddler bed as your baby gets older, and a sturdy changing table with a built-in dresser for added storage to reduce the need for extra furniture.


Make the nursery safe and comfortable

One of the biggest safety issues in a nursery is the choice of paints. A chemical-free nursery ensures a healthy environment for both you and your baby that is free of toxins. Be sure to choose paint with low chemical compounds and to paint the nursery well in advance of your due date, so that any fumes will have dissipated before the baby comes home.

A good quality baby chair is essential. Remember, you will be spending many hours in the chair and will need good support and cushioning that is comfortable for you in the early hours of the morning, and particularly after weeks of inadequate sleep.

Do a safety check of the nursery to make sure you have considered the safety of the furniture and décor in the room. Check for and remove blinds or curtains with cords, cover electric outlets and ensure that lamp cords are inaccessible. Consider the things that will pose a risk once your baby begins to crawl and reach for things. This may seem a long way off in those first few weeks, but your little one will be mobile before you know it.


Don’t forget the basics

The first few weeks and days can be overwhelming for a new parent, and having all the necessary supplies on hand will ensure baby’s arrival goes smoothly and you won’t have to make any emergency trips for items you need.

Make a list of the basics that need to be kept on hand throughout those beginning weeks and days. Things on this list should include things like nappies, rash cream, baby wipes, lotion and powder. One of the items most often forgotten is rubbing alcohol. This is an important item as the baby’s umbilical cord may need swabbing regularly.

Advice is a handy item to have on hand and is free. Sisters, grandmothers and good friends with experience can be a good source of advice for the final check on the nursery to find potential hazards you might have missed, and maybe suggest items for the nursery that they found useful in the first weeks of baby being home.

Get started on preparing your nursery for baby’s arrival as early as possible. Pregnancy can be exhausting, and it can be difficult to get the nursery done in time if you leave it too late. For many, your daily life does not slow down when you are pregnant and it can be difficult to find time in your day to get a lot done on the nursery. If you start early, you can spend a short time each day to get it done in time. Start planning early to make sure there are no surprises at the last minute.


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