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Surviving The First Year: 5 Things Baby Books Might Miss

Surviving the first yearNew parents often flock to the bookshop in hopes of gaining some much needed information and advice about their newborn baby. There are quite a number of books out there that really do provide thorough insight and help regarding child rearing. Many books, however, fail to reveal certain elements regarding how to successfully deal with common problems that occur.

Books can be misleading, as there are things that they neglect to tell or perhaps can’t tell because if they mention these elements the books will not sell. Parents often find that in the first year of baby’s life their medical aid benefits are depleted too soon, due to the constant back and forth to doctors over issues that can be solved with some help. Below are a few issues your book might not provide help with.


My baby has a horribly blocked nose

Most baby books, especially your first year guides to raising a baby, often give you a broad spectrum of what to expect. What all these books tell you is based on the normal facts and from the point of view that every mother can breastfeed. Some baby books will suggest that when a baby has a blocked nose, the best solution for alleviating it for your precious bundle of joy is to put a few drops of breast milk in each nostril. What if the mother is not breast-feeding her child? Some books might suggest using a saline solution to take care of a blocked nose, however this often does not help and may lead to a runny nose, or worse a post nasal drip.

You can use some simple herbal remedies such as mucus draining tissue salt and herbal post nasal drops to sort out this issue. These remedies are added to baby’s bottle about 2-3 times a day.


My baby is irritated with sore eyes

Most mothers rush to the doctor the minute any sort of infection is found, especially with regard to the eyes. A paediatrician or doctor should always be consulted – however, until you are able to consult with a doctor, what can you do to calm your child’s suffering? Like the responsible parent you are, you will reach for that trusty baby guide once more, only to find that it tells you to speak to your doctor.

There is no need to get frustrated and throw the book across the room, instead head into the kitchen, boil the kettle and make a quarter cup of strong, rooibos tea. Do not add sugar or milk, as this tea is not for drinking. Add cold water to it until it is luke warm temperature. Take two pieces of cotton wool, one piece for each eye, dip them into the tea, and squeeze any excess tea off. Then wipe your little one’s eyes with it. The warmth and medicinal value of the rooibos will sooth any irritation. However, doing it once only will not sort the issue; keep  doing it every so often. The great thing about this is that even after consulting with the doctor you can continue this method until the infection is gone.


Baby has a nappy rash that does not want to go away

Nappy rash is a common occurrence with babies. All the different baby books and the first year guides are able to offer you tons of methods and techniques to handle this situation. However, if the rash does not go away, and starts to spread and look like blisters – instead of piling the baby back into the car seat and rushing the little tyke to the nearest doctor or casualty ward. Head to the pharmacy and get some cream called -metaspor, – an antifungal and anti-yeast cream. Apply the cream to the infected areas and then cover the areas and baby’s precious bottom in copious amounts of bum cream; then instead of adding baby powder to the mix, grab your maizena out of the cupboard and ensure you coat the area in a nice layer of it as well before closing the nappy. The only thing left to do is to ensure you take care to change little ones nappy more regular. Follow the same procedure with the creams with each nappy change.


Baby has developed a skin rash

As children and babies start to explore their environment, you will find that they might end up with a skin rash. Rashes are common because babies will often be exposed to something that does not agree with their delicate skin. Leave that baby guide tucked away safely on the shelf, as it will not tell you how to treat it apart from the normal clean and dry the infected area and speak to your doctor. This would be a complete waste of time and energy. Call your pharmacy and see if they have a cream called -mylocort, if they do, purchase some. Put a little bit of this cream on the infected area, this cream takes away any itchiness and irritation and within a few days, the rash will have disappeared.


Little red spots appear on my baby who is between the ages 0-3 months

This has the appearance of a very fine rash, but is not really a rash. It does not irritate little one or cause any discomfort, but for any first-time mom it is a massive alarm. The spots are little and red with no inflammation. This is a common occurrence with babies aged between 0 -3 months and may be caused by a chemical called sodium lauryl sulphate, which is found in most baby soaps and bath gels. Due to the sensitivity of baby’s new skin, this chemical, which is not toxic and is not harmful, could cause little one’s skin to succumb to this phenomenon. These little red spots will go away by itself as soon as little one passes the 3 month age mark, sometimes even sooner. It all depends on how quickly little one’s skin adapts to its environment.

The best solution to any mother who would like to prevent this phenomena or issue, try using natural (organic) baby bath products for the first 3 months that do not contain the chemical sodium lauryl sulphate.


It’s common sense

With every ailment or concern that you encounter with your baby it’s always wise to consult with an expert. However, do not rush to use your medical aid benefits to see a doctor. Always have the number of your doctor and his permission to call him if you have any concerns. You can also always speak to the sister at the clinic where baby receives their vaccinations. The sister can be a huge help with regard to any little niggle and will be able to tell you when the situation is something that a doctor needs to deal with.
If any of the above-mentioned elements persist or worsen, do not leave it, consult with your doctor.

Raising a baby is a challenge, because you as a parent are responsible the care of another life. That element alone is daunting and scary, however, with the correct tool that all parents come hardwired with, which is common sense, you will prevail. The first year of baby’s life is an era of trial and error. You will make mistakes; the point is to learn from them and to enjoy the ride. You are a perfect parent already, if you were not you would not have your little bundle of joy. No matter what happens, remember from time to time to give yourself a pat on the back and don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you are able to do that then you’ll be on your way to mastering the secrets to parenthood.

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