The Growing Brain In Your Baby

Brain development The human brain is an amazing organ, capable of such greatness. But it takes up to 20 years for a brain to fully develop – a long journey of constant hard work for a child. The miracle of this journey, however, begins at just a few weeks growth in the womb.

The development of the human body is phenomenal, no one can deny that. And the development of the brain is no exception. As we all know, the foetus is continually growing and maturing but although the heart, lungs and kidneys of your growing baby are fully developed at birth, the brain still has a lot of developing at hand in the 20 years ahead once the child has been born.


Each neuron has a specific job

Inside your womb, there are periods when your baby’s brain will make up to 250 000 new neurons or cells every minute! Billions of neurons will form links with billions of other neurons and these keep multiplying. The marvel of this is that these neurons are not randomly placed, but rather each has a very definite place in the brain with a definite job to do. No wonder pregnant women get so exhausted with all this hard work going on!

But certain adverse conditions can seriously harm this development, both in and out of the womb.

When baby is busy developing itself in the safety of your womb, he relies on you to support his efforts by creating a healthy environment. Bad eating, a lack of exercising, smoking, drinking alcohol or too much caffeine, stress and taking narcotics can cause serious impairment to the development or wiring of the brain.


Vital developmental stage

This can happen to anyone even as an adult, but it’s especially detrimental to the developing foetus and to children under the age of five years when, after the development of the brain inside the womb takes place, a child’s first five years are a crucial development stage when the brain continues to connect these brain cells.

In fact, every way you interact with your child during this important phase can make a very large difference in how well his brain develops. Your attitude towards him, the tone of your voice, stimulating him through play, song and dance and simply loving him will all go far in helping him to establish healthy connections in his brain.

Mostly, in adults, the language part of the brain is located in the left-hand side. However, babies up to the age of around one year pretty much use their entire brains to form language before it settles in to the left side. If disease strikes the left side of a child’s brain, however, then brain seizures resulting from Rasmussen’s Syndrome or epilepsy can have a ravaging result on the development of the brain.


Girls’ brains vs boys’ brains

When it comes to the development of girls’ and boys’ brains we have all seen the differences, but what, exactly, are these? Well, a boy’s brain will develop from the back to the front. This path signifies from the doing part to the thinking part. When we take notice of our little ones starting off their basic learning careers we see that boys develop their motor skills and their physical abilities and only then really think about them. A girl will show strong signs of developing her thought patterns and her language skills first.

So keep in mind that money doesn’t play a part and nor does it matter if you have a university degree or not. When it comes down to the nitty gritty all parents can help their children’s brains grow. Start to stimulate them from the day they are born and don’t ever stop. It’ll be the greatest gift you can ever give your child!


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