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10 best parenting videos of 2013

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These videos will make you cry tears of laughter, empathy and hope. A must-see for all parents out there.


– Does this sound familiar: if it looks like Bat Dad, sounds like Bat Dad, well then it must be Bat Dad. When it comes to parenting, Blake Wilson, proud father of four, have a very unique way of motivating his kids to wash their hands and pick up toys. Who wouldn’t be willing to comply when Bat Dad commands you nicely in a deep superhero voice and latex outfit?

– It took a while to figure out what 8 year old Jack Robbins  was trying to communicate given that he is autistic and non-verbal. When the proud mom Carla realised he was singing the international hit -Roar she immediately posted this video to YouTube.

– This year in November we saw newborn twins taking a bath side-by-side in the bathing technique developed by a Paris maternity nurse. Only a few days old with their eyes still closed they are holding each other and cuddling giving us a glimpse of what might life might be like in the womb.

– Following the outrage over a -fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, an adorable girl from Florida warmed the hearts of millions with her signing. 5 year old Claire Koch sang along with her peers at their school concert all the while signing the concert to her deaf parents using American sign language earning this clip more than 6 million hits on YouTube.

– This is a Christmas card with a difference. The Holderness family dressed up in matching Christmas pyjamas and wrapped out their Christmas message to family and friends. Amazing.

– Amy Barber was born deaf and was told that her hearing would never be restored. At 26 she decided to try a cochlear implant. This video clip shows the smiles then the tears as the cochlear device is switched on and Amy is able to hear her 6 year old son and her parents for the first time.

– This Grandma-to-be is, to put it mildly, over the moon when she receives the great news. She figured it out when her hubby reads out a birthday card that starts with -Grandpa and then she erupts into a complete happy-fit.

– Multi-talented Michelle Obama, first lady of the United States made this video to encourage people be more active. The video -Evolution of Mom Dancing shows Michelle and Jimmy Fallon doing the -Go Shopping, Get Groceries, the -Raise the Roof and a few other classic hits.

– More than 28 million people watched 10-month-old Mary-Lynne Leroux listen to her mother sing -My Heart can’t Tell You No. First you see her smiling and then her eyes fill up with tears.

– No babies were harmed in the making of this video! Father of three, Gavin McInnes shows of his play wrestling moves he uses to fight against his 10-month-old son. This includes tossing him down onto a fluffy bed to the excitement of the brave little fighter.


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