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Adoption Across The Colour Barrier

Cross race adoptionWe all live with racism, whether we as individuals or we as countries acknowledge that, there are smudges of this putrid offense wherever we look. But as a wise man once said, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, if you hold a newborn baby in your arms, love him and look after him, you only see the baby, not the colour of his skin.

He also said that the fastest way to heal our world from the ugliness of racial discrimination would be for every family to adopt a child of a different race.


Wise words spoken

Within the westernised world, South Africa was slower on a whole to accept trans-racial adoption, but in more recent years it appears we are catching up fast with it becoming quite a common phenomena.

Across the world it’s far more common for white families to adopt a child of colour, and South Africa is no different. This is due merely to the dynamics that generally there are far more black or mixed race babies and children up for adoption.


Scrutiny and debates

But because of the cultural mix in a family where one or more children’s skin colour is different, this leads to constant scrutiny and often passionate debates as to whether this situation is beneficial for the child or children in question and other biological siblings.

Many concerns are raised revolving around the cross racially adopted child being -obviously not a natural member of the family, being bullied at school because of this and also having a loss of cultural identity.

In South Africa we have seen a huge shift in accepting mixed race couples over the years, so why not trans-racial adoption? Well the truth is that this narrow mindset is changing very quickly.

Many white South African couples who are financially fortunate have recognised the need to look after our own and whether or not they can naturally conceive, our proud South Africans have adopted across the colour line.


Love and stability

This has saved many innocent babies and children’s lives and given them the homes they never had before where love and stability and security reign supreme.

Because of our diverse cultures in South Africa most adoptive parents who have reached out with their love are well aware of the cultural variety in our land and so make every effort to sustain their adoptive child’s heritage for him. A gift over and above the enormous gift of adopting the child in the first place!

The whole point of adopting a child is to take him out of a bad situation and put him into a caring and loving home where he feels safe and protected, too. The race of the person or couple adopting the child should not matter, as there will be differences among any adoptive parent and adoptive child because they share different genetic make ups to start with.


Check the century!

If you are thinking of adopting a child or a baby but are unsure of crossing the colour barrier, it’s time to check the calendar and see what century we are living in!

Remember, love is love and race doesn’t make that love stronger or weaker. This is an opportunity to embrace South African cultures and celebrate diversity, and this will spill over to all who see it.

Telling a child to wait in an orphanage because a family of their own race isn’t available while a family of another race is ready and longing to take them into their lives and their hearts isn’t in their best interest. It could well cost the child his childhood.


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