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Being A Good Dad

Good dadDo you ever wonder how to be a good dad? Is there a secret formula or handbook that lets you know what to do? The secret really is in you already and you just need to put what you know into practice. Here are some points to help you along the way.

Being There – Spend as much time as you can with your kids and show them that they are important to you.  A good dad finds time to be there for the important moments in his child’s life. Take time to throw the ball around or read a story together. They will treasure the time you spend with them and look forward to it every day.

Being Open – Be a good listener to your kids. When a child asks a question you may not always have the right answer but you can offer guidance to point them in the right direction.

Be Firm – Know how to discipline your kids. When you set rules make them stick. No one wants to be the parent in the grocery store with the screaming children running around. Exercising good discipline will help make your child a better person.

Being Honest – It’s important to be honest with your children. Honesty is the most important part of any relationship. Having an open and honest relationship with your children is the best expression of love.

Be Loving – It’s important to remind your kids that you love them. It gives them a sense of emotional security. This includes being supportive when they need it, wiping away tears and hugging them, no matter how big they get.

Be Patient – Try and remain patient and keep your temper. Kids will always do things to provoke you, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Sometimes you may wish your kids would finally be responsible and take care of their chores without having to be reminded all the time. Children will make mistakes throughout their life. A good dad will allow his children to take risks and make these mistakes.

Be Proud – Your kids need to know that you’re proud of them and the things that they do. If you show them that you are proud of them being a good person, or good with their siblings, or something else, they will do whatever it is that made you proud again (or at least try).

Be Respectful – It’s very important to teach your children to respect you but it’s also very important that you respect them. This means giving them room to grow and learn, it means respecting their decisions when you can, even if it’s not what you would have done, or not what you think is best for them.

Be Responsible – Teach them to be a responsible person. Make sure they look after their property and tidy up after themselves by putting their toys or sporting equipment away. They will appreciate this quality and reap the benefits as they get older and take on work and other responsibilities.

Be a Good Role Model – Your children look up to you and keep a close eye on how you live your life and behave. You can be a positive influence on their lives by breaking your bad habits, volunteering in your community or finding other ways to be a good citizen. A good dad also loves and respects his children’s mother, whether they are married or not.

There is no perfect way to be a good dad. You give your children structure, guidance and love and all you do is hope that the positive things that you installed with them while they were growing up will stay with them for the rest of their lives.


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