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Boobs – The Multi-Purpose Marvel!

boobsRightly or wrongly, boobs belong to men! But for many new dads these -sex toys’ they’ve come to believe they own are taken from their role and given to baby for the single function of nurturing.

So, in the minds of men and women, exactly what is the function of breasts? Nurture or pleasure? Can men take a back seat while baby needs nourishment? Can mom switch from one role to the other with ease, or does she place a larger emphasis on her own enjoyment that her two faceted boobs provide?

At the end of the day, it’s mom who makes the decision, and no one – not even health officials and doctors – have the right to try to influence her decision. They’re hers, and she has the right to choose what to do with them!

For many moms her boobs have always played an important role in her sexual functioning as a woman. They have been part of a package that has defined her sexuality as a woman. And for most women her boobs’ most defining role is reserved for her sexual fun and gratification.


Re-evaluating purpose

Now, all of a sudden, the pureness of a baby may make her re-evaluate how she feels about this intense pleasure-providing part of her body. Women have voiced the confusion that sets in as they feel torn between their partners and their babies needs and desires, as well as their own sexual hunger.

Yes, we know that -breast is best’, but for who? If, as a new mother, you are feeling stripped of your identity as the woman and lover you were.

You’re probably not feeling like the sex bomb you’ve always been, what with a lack of sleep, a few extra kilos on your once-trim body, stuck in the house all day, and a newborn baby forever trying to latch. No matter how much you love your new baby, this life-changing scenario can make you resent the chaos this tiny person has brought to your life as you knew it.

Resentment of this nature is perfectly normal. It doesn’t mean you are a bad mom or that you are not coping. This will improve, but if the boob issue becomes one where you are only breastfeeding because of outside pressure, then you need to evaluate its importance in the greater scheme of things. If you are having strong resentment you will become tense and anxious, perhaps even snappy, and this will, in turn, affect your baby negatively.


The boob dad brigade

Surprisingly, a large number of real -boob dads’ seem to cope far better than most women when it comes to sharing. In an obscure, but certainly not sick way, these men are able to watch with wonder as their new baby drinks from their partner and yet see the infamous boob in a totally different light when in the bedroom!

But to those men who show a primal magnetism to breasts, it’s time to see the whole picture! The biological purpose of women’s breasts is to nurture their young (only, of course, if mom is comfortable with this). The pleasure that both partners experience from boobs in the sexual arena is really nothing more than a bonus.

A South African father, Andrew, is a self-confessed boob man. He said he and his wife, Joanne, had always enjoyed a very full sex life. When their son arrived two years ago they were both very keen for Joanne to breastfeed, which she did for the first eight months. -We had no problem keeping breastfeeding and the emotions that go with that completely separate from our private sex life, said Andrew. -In fact, I thought it was quite spectacular that this part of my wife’s body could live such a double life!

So there you go! The boob is a multi-purpose marvel – attractive, sexy, for pleasure and for purpose!


 – Bev


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