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Caucasian women struggle less to lose weight than African-American women

black woman exercising overweight

According to a new study it is harder for African-American women to lose weight than it is for Caucasian women. The study found that African-American women need to cut back on their food intake, or hit the gym more than Caucasian women have to, to shake those extra kilos. 

The study, that was published in the online International Journal of Obesity and undertaken by scientists from the University of Pittsburgh, found that African-American women’s metabolic rates are lower as well as their calorie expenditure, even though the women from the different races have been put on the same exercise plan.

In this study a total of 66 Caucasian women and 39 African-American women – of which the women in both groups were severely obese – partook. They were subjected to a weight-loss programme for six months, where their calorie intake was minimised, and their physical activity maximised. During this time, the African-American women lost some 3.6kg less than the group of Caucasian women.

Lead author James DeLany says they prescribed how many calories were allowed, and how much activity is needed, which was all based on the assumption that persons who weigh the same have the same, or rather, similar metabolic rates.

-But to account for their lower metabolic rate, African-American women must further reduce the number of calories they eat or use up more of them with exercise in order to lose the same number of pounds in the same time span as Caucasian women of the same weight.

However, a slight problem presents itself when it comes to exercise in African-American women. An earlier study revealed that 40% of the 103 women who partook in the study was of meaning that their hair would be ruined if they exercised. According to the report, they felt that the money spent on expensive hair products and styles would be wasted, and it wasn’t a fair trade for smaller curves.


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