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Sex sells – even to women

sex sells women intimate with husband

A recent study revealed that women too can react positively to sexual imagery in advertisements, given that the product being advertised is high-end.

The study by the University of Minnesota, published in Psychological Science, found the reason for this to be that high-end products and advertisements offer the illusion of exclusivity, rarity, and high value – exactly the way women want to view sex.

The observation by Kathleen Vohs, a psychological scientist at the University of Minnesota, that -Women generally show spontaneous negative attitudes toward sexual images, was put to the test by showing an advert of women’s watches to individual female and male participants.

The backdrop for some adverts was a majestic mountain range, whereas others contained explicit sexual images. Of more significance was the pricing of the watch – in some adverts the watch was priced at about R100, whereas in others it cost about R12 900. 

The results were clear. The women who viewed the advert with the cheap watch with sexual imagery had a more negative reaction to the women who saw the sexual imagery with the expensive watch.

In contrast to the ladies, the men had the same reaction to the sexual-imagery adverts of the pricey, as well as the cheap watch.


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