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Get Your Hubby More Involved With Your Relationship

Get Your Hubby More Involved With Your Relationship

Most husbands, or should we say, men, think that they don’t have to work at winning their wife’s heart after marriage. Men are by nature hunters and love the challenge of chasing a woman who is -hard to get,’ but once they catch their prize, men tend to go in a docile mode and take things for granted. In fact, they think it is hard work or another job to make that effort to keep their wives happy. This is why most men will forget their wife’s anniversary, birthday, and valentine days.

As a wife, it is important to learn how you can get your husband more involved in the relationship. This is crucial to saving your marriage and being happy. Some women believe that their relationship is on track because they take great care in remembering their husband’s birthdays and other special occasions. They will go out of their way to make it a special day, while men will not even give it much thought because of all the work that has to be put into making it special. Show your husband that it can actually be fun to plan a special day for someone by involving him in the planning phase.


Men are from Mars and Women from Venus

Women function primarily on emotions. Men don’t. They are problem solvers and once the problem is solved, it is time to move on to the next. You may feel a lot of resentment if your husband seems to be nonchalant about things that are important to you. Thing is, your partner doesn’t put emphasis on some of the things that you do.

Men don’t like to feel pressured in a relationship. They are more laid back and like to take things easy. To get your husband interested in the marriage they way you want him to, then you may need to sit him down and try to talk with him. Be prepared that you will be doing most of the talking. But talk as much as you can, while making sure that he is listening. You can ask questions between sentences to make sure. Don’t blame him for being a man. However, explain to him how you feel because that is what is important here.

Tell him exactly what you would like to change in the relationship , while putting yourself in his shoe. Suggest spending time with him in doing something that he loves to do. For example, if your husband loves to watch football games on television or at the stadium, offer to participate with him and ask questions to make him see that you are really interested. This will get his attention and he will no longer think of you as tagging along and as having to entertain you

Try to interact with your husband on an intimate level and not just as a parent discussing the children. Most men will think that the -nurturing stuff,’ is to be done by the wife, when that is not the case. Take time to nurture your husband and help him to realise that children expect to be nurtured by both parents. For example, explain to your husband that if he does not nurture his daughter, she will go out and seek another man to do the job later.

After motherhood, most women change into the assumed role of nurturer and are no longer the women that their husbands first met. Rediscover yourself and show your husband that you are even more appealing than ever before. Put the fun back into your lives and do not settle for living your lives just for your kids. Both of you will soon realise that life is for the living and that after the kids are gone, you only have each other. Cherish the moments now.


– Gina


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