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Homeopathic Remedies – Do They Work?

HomeopathyMost parents have heard about homeopaths and homeopathic remedies, but many wonder if these remedies are actually magical cures or if they are just strange concoctions that have been dreamt up by new age curers or alternative healers.

Let’s explore homeopathy and try to determine if these remedies are effective and if they really do work!

Homeopathy began as far back as in the 1700s, and is believed to have been founded by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann. The practice began with the intention of seeking alternatives to the conventional medicine of the day – which was not antibiotics but bloodletting! Bloodletting was the withdrawal of rather large amounts of blood from a patient in a bid to cure or prevent illnesses and diseases. Little wonder that the German doctor sought an alternative. Dr Hahnemann felt that the treatments of the day were severe and a tad unnecessary and he wanted to find a more natural way to treat ailments or diseases.

Going against the medical community and promoting homeopathy, the good doctor was seen as an outcast and a rebel and it goes without saying that his homeopathic cures and remedies which he handed out were scoffed and believed to have no benefit. Homeopathy, however, did become popular but when considering that the alternatives were bloodsucking leeches, arsenic, mercury, lead, and bloodletting – it may not be too difficult to understand why homeopathic remedies became a preferred alternative.


Homeopathy and how it works

Homeopathy is seen as a holistic approach to medicine and as such, a homeopathic remedy needs to be individually tailor-made to suit the patient. For the remedies to be effective, a patient’s unique symptom profile should be created. In homeopathy, the essential basis of the practice is that each person is subject to a universal “vital energy” and this energy should be balanced in order to promote the body’s self-healing response. In cases where the energy is disrupted or imbalanced, health problems will result. Homeopathic remedies work by restoring the vital energy balance and in so doing, promote the body’s own healing response. The vital force or vital energy has been given the name Chi by the Chinese and Prana by Indian Ayurveda. The force is responsible for fuelling the mind, body, emotions and it is what keeps us healthy and balanced.

More than two hundred years after Dr Hahnemann began practicing homeopathy, it’s still seen as an alternative to modern or conventional medicine. The most important thing which must be remembered is that homeopathy is more of a belief system rather than a system of medicine. If you are of the belief that vital energy or balancing of energy to cure ailments and diseases to be mumbo-jumbo – the homeopathic remedies that are based solely on these very principles – will not work for you!

The bottom line is that for any treatment system to work, a person will need to have faith in it and above all must believe in it. Parents, who are exploring homeopathic treatments as an alternative to treat their children, will need to believe and if they do not believe, homeopathy is an invalid therapy.


Homeopathic remedies for every ailment

There are homeopathic remedies for just about each and every ailment suffered by humans. There are cures for anxiety, insomnia, eczema, sinusitis, erectile dysfunction, sinusitis, hair loss and even the common cold. These are just a few of the thousands of illnesses or ailments which have been successfully treated by homeopathic remedies.

The fact is that homeopathic remedies are completely safe to use and they can be used during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and can be used as a treatment for infants (from birth) and toddlers. The remedies have not been designed to treat specific symptoms but the right remedy has the ability to remove the cause of the problem (and balance the vital energy) and as such, allows the body to heal itself. Once the body has self healed the upsetting symptoms of the illness will fade away.


The importance of a homeopathic consultation

We see many homeopathic remedies in stores but because homeopathy is not a -one size fits all’ approach, consulting a homeopath is important. The homeopath will listen and observe and in this way will gain an understanding of the different aspects of the patient’s life and their state of health. During the consultation, the facts of the ailment, a description of the pains, emotional reactions, dreams and physical sensations will be discussed at length. It’s vital that when consulting a homeopath that patients express themselves honestly – if not, the incorrect remedy is given. What’s more the better a person’s unique nature is understood, the homeopath will find the best remedy for them.

Once the right remedy has been found, in order to eliminate all aspects that have a negative impact on vital energy – a homeopath may suggest it necessary to change one’s diet. We need to remember that remedies do not treat and cure the symptoms of the disease; the remedies work on restoring and balancing the person’s vital force. To achieve a positive outcome those seeking remedies must be willing to commit to working with a competent homeopath, and additionally they must have a willingness to commit to a mutually acceptable treatment plan. If a person feels that they are unable to do this, they will find that the time is not right for homeopathy.

In answer to the question if homeopathic remedies work – the answer is a resounding yes! But the success of the remedies is based solely on the person’s ability to accept this alternative healing therapy wholeheartedly, make the required changes and believe that the treatments and remedies will be successful.


What are the remedies made of?

Homeopathic remedies are made from elements which are found in nature, and include mineral, animal, and plant extracts. These elements form the base of the natural homeopathic remedies and they are then diluted by changing the degree of concentration to prevent side effects that could be disagreeable to patients. The more a homeopathic remedy is diluted, the more effective the remedy becomes.


 – Kathy Baron


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