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Taking care of yourselfWomen have evolved into magnificent creatures. We are able to hold down professional careers while at the same time grow our mothering instincts to nurture and care for our families. And in many cases, it’s also the mother who is the bread-winner.

Our sleep is disturbed by our little one’s cries in the night, we play teacher as we teach them the stepping stones of knowledge, we learn about healthy nutrition and execute it on our children’s dinner plates, we show our children the joy of play and of sharing toys, and we can turn into a nurse at the drop of a hat if need be.

Yes! As a mother we grow in order to accommodate all the needs placed on us.


Enjoyment is the fuel we need

But sometimes, we forget to throw in a little enjoyment just for ourselves and this is the fuel that keeps us going while we focus on so much else around us.

As much as we need exercise, we need rest too, so make sure you have a solid, interruption-proof place where you can hide in for even just 20 minutes a day. It may be retreating to a candle-lit bath with the door locked, it may be sitting on your patio with something cool to drink, it may be a walk alone in the garden. But whatever it is, your family have to respect that this is your time and unless World War Three breaks out, you don’t want to be interrupted.

Spend time with your friends, without the kids in tow. Your friends are important. Spending time with them will give you an outlet from your busy routine at home and at work.


Happy moms have happy children

All too often in our parenting roles we place the dreams and goals we’ve been striving for on the back burner. But if we keep those dreams alive our children will learn the importance of having their own dreams and goals. So encourage your child by example – happy moms hold on to their dreams and their goals and don’t let go. Children will see the importance of this and how it leads to happiness, too.

Learn to relax in your home and embrace the mess of living with children on board. As long as you have children there will always be a mess. Have tidy-up times with the children at intervals throughout the day and ignore the mess the rest of the time. Let go of your obsession to keep your home magazine style. Striving for that with children at home will only make you unhappy, and that’s what your children will pick up on. So relax!

Keep in mind that you are your children’s greatest example, so if you are happy, your children will be too.

But there is one last point, a vital point as you find yourself wrapped up in this life that allows so little space for you. Spoil yourself with some sexy, lacey lingerie. Even if you are a single parent this will go a long way in making you feel special, in making you feel feminine and desirable.

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