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Keeping Kids Off The Junk Food Habit

Kids and junk foodParents today are raising a new generation of children. An extra-large generation whose health is being placed at an ultimate risk. This supreme threat comes within the boxes and wrappers of junk food. Junk food is defined as foods with high fat or high sugar content, sometimes both. Little other goodness such as vitamins and other nutrients are included in the mix of these foods.

Because of a lack of nutrients and vitamins in their diets, children have become lethargic to the extent of not having the energy to exercise, and even presenting an almost inactivity when it comes to physical play. A well-balanced diet including nutrients and vitamins, coupled with active play and exercise, is vital to a child’s general growth. When a child’s source of food is primarily junk food, his organs and his blood stream cannot construct a solid base for good health and a long life as an adult.


Ailments of the youth

The world is becoming more and more filled with children suffering various ailments such as depression, learning disorders, mental illness, pain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and many others. Although not every child suffering from any of these diseases or ailments may necessarily be junk food fanatics, many of them are and that could be why they are ill.

We could be destroying our children’s futures, and yes, it’s up to us to take control back when it comes to our children’s eating habits and give them the spin on life they so richly deserve. It’s never too late to teach your child the right way to eat and the benefits of that, but the sooner you do get your foot in the door the quicker it will become a natural way of life for him and the junk food regime will not feature.


Quick fix meals so much easier

It’s understandable with both parents working, or with so many single-parent families, that life can seem to get the better of you and it may be far easier to drag out the junk food for a -quick fix . But your children are your responsibility and giving them a healthy headstart on the rest of their lives is something that simply must be done, regardless of how hard a day you have had or how tired you are.

From the time your child can hear and communicate in the most basic form you need to get him on board with a well-balanced diet plan so he learns to enjoy healthy food over junk food. Make shopping an adventure and take him with you to the supermarket. Encourage him to become involved with choosing healthy fruit and vegetables. Follow it through with involving him in the preparation of meals. Let him choose the cheese block, the yoghurts and the fruit juice. This will all make him feel very important while teaching him in a fun way, too.


Read food labels

Read food labels to check nutrients and ingredients. You don’t have to suddenly remove all treats, but control is the ultimate word here. You have to keep control of when and what the family is allowed to indulge in. This new way of shopping and eating may well end up changing your family’s natural eating routine, but the upside is that it will be great for them too!

Another great way to get kids to appreciate and enjoy a healthier diet is to involve them in supper choices, and get them involved in the preparation of the food. As much as you think you may be too tired to deal with this you will find you’ll end up having great bonding and fun time together.


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