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Last-minute creative Father-s Day gifts to make at home

father_and_sonWorldwide Father’s Day is celebrated to show that special person in your life just how much you care. This year, in South Africa, Father’s Day is celebrated on 16 June.

Use technology to say I love you

Visit revolutionary website to publish your own special story of your dad. This website was created by a son who wanted to tell his father’s story and capture, share and preserve his legacy. You can do the same. Share your dad’s story or a special memory or just write about what he means to you, and publish some photos too. You can give him a card with the link written inside, or send him an e-card with the link.

If you struggle to put your feelings in writing, use YouTube to play dad some videos like -Father’s Day Song for Children’ by Kiboomu – there are many videos to choose from.

Create a playlist for dad with his favourite songs and wake him up with the music flowing through the house.


Keep his interests in mind

With your dad’s interests in mind, bake him a special Father’s Day cake (or a smaller version cupcake), cut it in a fun shape and decorate it to look like a fishing rod, rugby ball, tie, e-tablet, a music note, etc. You may need mom’s help.

Make a creative paper weight. Take, for instance, dads who are golf enthusiasts: make a porcupine paper weight by using a piece of clay and pushing golf tee pegs into the clay. Let dry and draw/stick eyes on.


Crafty gifts to get the message across

You don’t need to be the creative and arty type to make the following gifts – they are super easy to make.

Fill a glass bottle with his favourite candy and write -Best Dad in the World’ on a strip of paper that fits around the bottle. Simply fold around the bottle and glue the ends together to make a fun label.

More paper gifts can include a colourful card, a paper crown with Best Dad written on it, a paper medal that can be pinned to his chest or hung around his neck with a piece of string, saying No. 1 Dad.

Decorate a coat hanger. Place a hanger on a piece of paper and trace it, leaving a margin of about 5 cm around the edges. Repeat. Now cut out the two hanger shapes, write a special message on one side and colour (don’t use anything that is not colour-fast – you don’t want dad’s clothing to come out in blues or greens). Glue the two top sides of the triangular pieces together and cut a hole at the top. Place the coat hanger cover over the hanger and you’re done. Now dad can hang his favourite jacket on a very special coat hanger.

Cut out a frame from cardboard, and cover the entire frame with coins using generous amounts of craft clue. Cut a solid piece of cardboard the same size of the frame and stick a picture of yourself with your dad in the middle. Paste the frame and the other piece of cardboard with your picture on it together, so that the photo is visible through the frame. Now cut a rectangular piece from cardboard and paste the top side to the back of the frame to form the stand. He can put the frame on his desk at work or at home.

Make a Father’s Day stress-ball: fill a high-quality balloon with flour and write a special message on it.

A tie-shaped key-ring for dad’s car keys: cut out a cardboard tie and paint in bright colours. Make a cardboard loop over the ring and glue the ends to the tie; or make a hole in the cardboard and loop with a piece of string. You can write a message on the tie to personalise it even further.

And if dad reads, make a Father’s Day bookmark: Cut out a picture of yourself, make a hole in the top to fasten a ribbon. Write a message at the back of the photo.


Pamper him

Nothing beats the good old faithful breakfast in bed. And if your dad is one for pampering, build on the breakfast in bed by following up with a head or foot massage later that day. Spoil him with all his favourite food for the rest of the day. You may need mom’s help for this one too.


Interesting fact

Sonora Smart Dodd, daughter of Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, founded Father’s Day in 1910, and it was first celebrated on 19 June of that year. Being a child of a single parent with six siblings, Sonora knew the true value of her father, and possibly millions of other fathers around the world. It was the Mother’s Day of 1909 that spurred her on to tell her pastor that a similar day should be held for fathers. This day is now celebrated on the third Sunday every June, because the pastors back in 1910 did not have enough time to prepare their sermons for 5 June – Sonora’s father’s birthday.


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