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Minimise The Mess: Some Simple Steps

ClutterAre you tired of drawers overflowing and the kitchen counter being used a storage area? Frustrated with spending ages looking for something only to give up, unsuccessful? It’s time to clear the clutter and get some order restored.


Rearrange your kitchen

You know it’s time to de-clutter your kitchen cupboards when you open the door and all your containers fall out.

Start by clearing out all items from the cupboards and drawers. Now put back what you use regularly such as toaster, juicer, and your favourite utensils. These should be in arm’s reach in the best location possible. Only display decorative items on you countertop if you have plenty of space to do so.

If you have items that you no longer use, get rid of them. Examples could be baking utensils, dishes or appliances. Unnecessary items that you don’t use will only accumulate and become the kitchen clutter you can’t stand and want to get rid of, so you might as well just go ahead and get rid of it now. Sell, throw out, or donate these items.

Clean off your fridge door. Sort through old fridge magnets or at least move them to one side. Put important items such as take-away menus in a folder. Save your kids best artwork in a box with their name and age on it. Once the fridge is clear, only put back current items.


Managing kid’s rooms

If you are spending a lot of time every day helping your kids look for their clothes or pieces of their toys, you could rather be spending that time reorganizing their room.

The first thing you need to do when starting a room makeover is purge. Start by taking out all the clothes and shoes. Anything that they have grown out of, pass on or donate to a charity. Put all the clothes back in order of usage. Everyday items can be placed within easy reach and preferably in neat piles e.g. t- shirts together and shorts together. Items that they use occasionally can go on the higher shelves.

Go through all the toys and books with your child and only keep the age-appropriate ones. Have enough storage space – shelves are great for the walls and will keep books tidy and make toys accessible. Clear, lidded containers are also great for organizing toy collections.

Sporting equipment can go in the garage, either hanging up on the wall or in a box in the corner.

Once all this is done how do you make sure everything is kept in place?

Make pick-up a nightly ritual – Ten minutes a day should be manageable as children have quite short attention spans. This can also be worked in to your child’s bedtime routine, giving them a good foundation for their future housekeeping.


File your paperwork

Start by de-cluttering one drawer at a time. Empty everything out. Sort through the pile one item at a time. Make an instant choice; keep (and put away), bin, or recycle.

Discourage paper piles from forming by creating an action file or tray. As paper comes into your house you need to read it, act on it and then file. Then of course there is the rubbish/recycle bin, use it regularly. You can also set up binders with clear plastic pages for things like receipts, recipes, take-away menus, school information and important phone numbers.

Once you’ve experienced the positive results of having a well-organized, clean and tidy house, you will feel better about the spaces, your home and even yourself. You’ll be happy you took the time to clear the clutter.


 – Sharon Atkins


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