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Planning a Party With A Baby

First time parents who have recently added to their family may be disheartened to discover that their once full and bustling social life has been considerably curbed. With the festive season quickly approaching, parents with newborn babies tend to feel that they are excluded from the festivities; however, life need not come to screeching halt after the birth of a baby, as there are a number of fun party ideas for those with kids.

If you are planning a party to celebrate a birthday or to welcome in the New Year, try to arrange the celebrations at home. Home parties are certainly the best choice for those with young babies, as it eliminates the need to pack and carry bottles, nappies formula and the other baby paraphernalia to the party venue. A home party will also be the least disruptive for the infant, as the surroundings will not change and baby will feel less anxious than if removed from their familiar surroundings.

Most new moms will find themselves overwhelmed by the rush of people and will be even more daunted by trying to work out a suitable menu and find the time to cater for the party guests. A braai is a quick and hassle-free alternative and guests can be asked to bring a salad or dessert while the hosts offer to take care of the meat. Friends and family are usually happy to accommodate, and if mom is needed to see to baby, a helpful family member or friend will be more than willing to lend a hand to help with the final arrangements.

If the party is in honour of a milestone birthday, such as a thirtieth, it may be a good idea to hire a nanny or au-pair to provide baby care for a few hours. As long as the baby is in capable hands, the parents will be able to look forward to letting their hair down and enjoying a night off, with the assurance that their precious bundle is sound asleep or is being fed.

An enjoyable party idea for those with kids is to host an adult dinner party. For the dinner party, parents will be able to see to the baby’s needs such as bathing, feeding, etc, before the arrival of the guests. A meal can be prepared before the time and warmed as the dinner party is set to begin. Stay-at-home moms will certainly welcome the chance to enjoy adult company. The tone for the dinner party can be either formal or informal and again, understanding friends will be happy to lend a helping hand, if needed.

The initial few months of parenthood are extremely demanding, as a newborn requires around-the-clock care and attention and for parents who enjoy socialising, they may find that a few intimate dinner parties with close friends, or casual get-togethers will help them to adjust to their new lives as parents. With a little imagination, there are many fun party ideas for those with kids and with a little planning, parents can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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