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Quick and easy meal ideas for a busy mom!

quick meals for busy momsA lot of moms love to be creative and imaginative in the kitchen but with limited time, most moms look for meals which are quick and easy to prepare, and which are still able to meet the nutritional needs of their growing family.

To avoid wasting time trying to think about what to cook, try and put together a pre-planned weekly menu. A menu will be an invaluable resource as working and exhausted moms will know what meal to prepare on any given day. When drawing up the menu, plan the shopping list and this will save valuable time (and money) and there will be no need to stop at the grocery store after work. If kids are in fulltime daycare, they usually have a full meal for lunch, so this takes a little of the stress off mom. Kids can be given nutritional snacks like yoghurts and fruits rather than a full meal before dinner.

Casserole dishes are great time savers and these include tuna bakes, pasta and chicken bakes or even casseroles with rice. Vegetables can be added and there so many great pre-packed sauces which can be added to the dishes to give added taste and flavor. Another great way to save time in the kitchen is to par-boil vegetables and quick freeze them. When required, the veggies can be cooked in a steamer or in boiling water and if cooked for a few minutes, the nutritional value of the vegetables will be intact. Commercially-prepared frozen vegetables are often better than fresh vegetables, and working parents will not be required to peel, dice or slice fresh veggies.

Pasta dishes are always sure-fire winners with fussy kids and spaghetti sauce can be prepared beforehand and frozen. The sauce can be defrosted and warmed up when needed and all tired out moms need to do is prepare a pot of spaghetti. Macaroni and cheese is a quick and easy dish and homemade pizza (using store-bought pizza bases) are easy and fun meals, perfect for the whole family.

Fun and easy meals for growing families are possible and with a little imagination and a little forethought working (or even stay-at-home moms) can whip up great meals in no time.

Many internet sites have seven-day meal planners. Use such sites to save time and ensure that your family’s nutritional needs are met! These meal planners also include a handy shopping list ensuring that all the ingredients are readily available when at supper time.


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