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Secrets to beautiful skin


Have you looked in the mirror recently and found a sagging, dull face staring back at you? Well, you may think that you need to take drastic action, like contacting the first plastic surgeon for a chemical peal or a nip and tuck. There is no need, just try out the tips below.

Natural remedy first thing in the morning

For that fresh look in the morning, wipe your face with cold raw milk using a cotton ball, and proceed by washing your face with cold water. This remedy will help cleanse your skin and not only improve your skin tone, but also leave your skin very soft.  

Regular facial treatments

Find a regimen that works for you; one that is tailored to your skin type. Make use of beauty consultants at stores to help determine your skin type and problem areas. If you have dark saggy circles under your eyes, ask for a suitable night and day cream to replump your skin under your eyes.

If your skin is prone to pimples or acne, steer clear of products containing oil. Wonderful products exist to even skin tone. The first prize is to find products that have already incorporated these features into their daily skincare regime, normally consisting of a face wash, toner and lotion. Applying a regular mask can also be beneficial.

Vitamin C infused serum

The older our bodies get, the less collagen our bodies produce. A shortage of collagen leads to fine lines and wrinkles. To stimulate the production of collagen you can start taking Vitamin C supplements. This will also restore your skin’s glow and improve its suppleness – all characteristics of a healthy, youthful skin.

Exfoliation is key

Dr Julia Carroll, a Toronto-based dermatologist, is of meaning that all skin types can benefit from exfoliation; however, you must be sure to use the right kind of exfoliation. According to her sebaceous skin are more tolerant of exfoliation than rosacea-prone skin. Sebaceous skin contains an unusual amount of oil. Rosacea is a skin condition of adults (more often women) in which blood vessels of the face enlarge resulting in a flushed appearance. If you are acne-prone you can definitely benefit from exfoliation as it will wash away old skin where acne healed, and can help open up pores.


Pigmentation steals away the youthful look of your skin, and UV rays are mostly to blame. Use an SPF daily on your face – which some foundations and day creams have.

Quit those bad habits and replace them with good ones

A bad diet, drinking and smoking can play a significant role in ageing. Every day counts, change your habits today. Drink water and lots of it – keeping hydrated will chase away that dull, flakiness. Exercise to get that extra glow, as that can help improve blood circulation and oxygen capacity. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will supply your body with important nutrients.

Turning that frown upside down

Do things that you love. Being happy is the ultimate key to beauty. So flaunt that big beautiful smile.


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