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Stay At Home Mothering – Is It For You?

Stay At Home Mothering - Is It For Yo

The life of a stay at home is not an easy one and in fact, it is by far one of the challenging and demanding of roles. Demands may be high, but the rewards are great and after the birth of a child, mothers are presented with the choice of giving up her -day job’ or with the option to become a full time stay at home.


The challenges

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges that most full-time moms face is the loss of independence. Before the birth of their baby, most working moms enjoyed financial independence. Giving it all up usually means that they are forced to rely on their partners for an income. This challenge can be overcome, as several industrious mothers find ways to earn extra money and still provide full time care for their kids.  Woman can explore opportunities such as selling cosmetics to family and friends, or they can start a small home business, like baking or blogging.

A lot of stay at home mothers quickly discover that an infant does not provide the most stimulating conversation. A day in the life of a stay at home mommy involves constant nappy changes, feeds, winding, changing and bathing. Most women who were professionals before find routine very monotonous and crave for adult company. Joining clubs, like the mom and tots groups in the area will offer some adult interaction and the chance to bond with other moms who are going through the same challenges. These groups can lead to long term (even lifelong) relationships for both mom and children.

Women work hard to get their careers off the ground and they often feel pained to give it all up – yet at the same time they are just as anxious (if not more so) to hand their baby over to a stranger or even a caring and loving granny, who is willing  to provide exceptional primary care. Before making the decision to give up a career to become a full time, stay at home mom, a woman must carefully consider her choices. Some mothers may feel resentful at having giving up their dreams and ambitions and this will have negative effects. It is possible to do both and the couple should discuss the best way forward.


The rewards

As the challenges are high, the rewards are great and most stay at home moms are overjoyed that they are able to devote their time to their child or children. Infants grows at such an alarming rate that most parents feel that they have missed so much of their child’s life. In addition, studies have indicated that children of stay at home moms or dads grow up to be a lot more confident or self-assured of their abilities and they also develop far closer relationship with their parents.

There are many advantages of being a full time stay at home mom, however, for a large number of mothers, this is not an option, either because of financial constraints, or simply because they are unable to or unwilling to give up their professional jobs.

A child brought up in a loving, caring and supportive environment will thrive, so if you have made the decision to swap the boardroom for the kitchen – or have opted for the 9 to 5 route, you have made the right decision for you and your family!


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