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The Important Role That Dads Play!

good dadThe vital role which fathers play in their children’s lives should never be underestimated. Mothers play the role of the nurturer while fathers take on the equally important responsibility of protector and educator. Dads, themselves are very often under the misconception that they play a small or even insignificant part in parenting but the gist of the matter is that from the moment a child is conceived, a father needs to step up to the plate and become a role model for his children.


Dads and Daughters

Daddy’s little girl! For the most part girls idolise their fathers and as they grow up, young ladies are attracted to young men who mirror the same qualities displayed by their dad. This alone is an indication of just how important dads are in the lives of their kids. When dads are absent or when dads have limited interaction with their daughters – who will become their role model?

Fathers are far more than just breadwinners, as educators, father are required to teach their kids valuable life lessons. A good dad will educate his children (through his own actions), the importance of hard work, earning a living, ethical work habits, caring for a family, treating women with complete respect and having a respect for others.



Boys believe that their dads are superheroes! -Anything your dad can do – mine can do better . As a present and involved father, the son will be taken under his wing of his dad and taught how to become a confident and self-assured man!

After it was uncovered that the number of fatherless households in the US was on the increase (in the year 1995, it was reported that 16.5 million households were fatherless), the US government began looking into the positive impact which involved fathers had on their kid’s lives. In so many of the poverty-stricken, crime-ridden neighbourhoods of the US,  caring and involved fathers had  virtually vanished all together and the children had little or no direction – the male role model was gone.


The present father

  • When a dad takes an interest in a child’s education or school life, it is more likely that the child will succeed and kids will also take part in sport and other extramural activities.
  • Children who interacted regularly with their fathers showed greater self-control and were far more independent and confident than children from homes where the father (or a male role model) was absent, or uninvolved.
  • Boys, who have good fathers, are themselves, far more likely to become good dads.
  • Children are at a higher risk of suffering from depression and anxiety and display behavioural problems at school and at home.
  • Teens are more likely to fall into the -wrong’ crowd and most teens from fatherless homes will smoke, drink and use illegal drugs.
  • Teenage girls without an adult male role model will be a lot more likely to engage in sexual activities before the age of 15 and are five times more likely to fall pregnant.


The uninvolved or absent dad

If the essential role of the father was ever in doubt, consider this:

In 1965, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, issued The Moynihan Report, a report that dealt with the overwhelming number of fatherless homes in the United States. Over forty years ago, Daniel issued this warning -From the wild Irish slums of the 19th century eastern seaboard, to the riot-torn suburbs of Los Angeles, there is one unmistakable lesson in American history: A community that allows a large number of young men to grow up in broken families, dominated by women, never acquiring any stable relationship to male authority, never acquiring any rational expectations about the future — that community asks for and gets chaos.”


– Kathy Baron


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