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Tips On Getting Back On The Treadmill After Giving Birth

Getting back in shape after pregnancyGetting back into usual routine after giving birth is more difficult for some than others – especially when it comes to your figure. It takes the body approximately five weeks to get into routine, and less than two weeks to fall out of routine. When you haven’t been exercising for some months, the thought of starting again or taking on the task of getting back in shape can be daunting.


The Miracle of Pregnancy

The feelings women have while pregnant cannot be explained with words. Excitement and happiness comes first – then, morning sickness kicks in and you wish you could go about your normal routine without having to run to the toilet every 10 minutes. Then, picking up weight, a change in eating habits and a constantly increasing thirst – followed by more visits to the loo, follows soon after. All the aforementioned are still bearable – difficult, but bearable. However, as soon as these symptoms begin ceasing, you start eating more which results in a ‘slight’ change in the size of your clothes. You start feeling uncomfortable in anything and everything, and just when you think that it cannot be any worse, the miracle of life happens – the child that caused you so much discomfort gives you the best moment of your whole life.

And now that the pregnancy, including the discomfort and loo-trips are over and the baby is there, you shouldn’t be discouraged to get active, and shed those unwanted kilos. If only it were that easy.


Fitness is Fun

Fitness is fun, yes. Starting the fitness process, however, is not. Once you get started with training, you are well on your way to reaching your goal -the difficult part is starting, changing your daily routine and re-arranging your schedule. And having a baby to take care of does not really make it any easier. What you need is guidance: whether it is from a friend, a professional or the internet, you have to start somewhere.


Tips on Getting Back on the Treadmill

First things first: you need to identify your goals. Do you want to lose weight, tone up or be fit? Then you need to find a comprehensive training programme that suits your fitness goals, as well as your fitness level. It’s best to undergo a fitness test done by a professional, to base your training programme on. When this is done, you can start planning and putting your training program together. Searching for training programmes online is perfectly fine, as there are several professional sites that provide different programmes for different trainers, based on your fitness level, of course. There really is no need to pay hundreds or more every month on a personal trainer. If you have found a suitable training program online, you might need to tweak it a little to suit your fitness needs and level.

Once you have worked out a workable training routine, you need to tend to your eating habits – there seems to be a belief that training alone will help reach a goal weight or fitness level – this is a myth. Training and eating clean work hand-in-hand – there are no shortcuts or easy ways to get to where you want to be – it will take discipline and determination.

Okay, you are already half way there – now, you need to test your programmes to make sure you have set realistic goals. If you are over-eager and hasty with your programs, you won’t last a month – it’s vitally important that you start off slowly and build your way up.


Stay Motivated

Here comes the other tricky part – staying motivated. You will probably feel great and motivated in the first month or two, but when you start getting used to your workouts, you may get bored and be demotivated. What may help is to follow motivational training blogs on the internet. If you feel lazy or not up to training, visiting these blogs and reading how great these people feel might inspire you back into action.

If this doesn’t work, mixing up your training program might. It’s easy to get bored quickly by doing the same thing every week so don’t be afraid to try new workouts, whether with new equipment, a new running path or a gym-buddy. Keep it interesting and make sure you look forward to working out.

When you reach your goal and taste the sweetness of success, you will have all the motivation in the world to keep on going – so set up smaller goals to keep you motivated on your journey to the big one.

Becoming fit and healthy is not as difficult as everyone makes it out to be. If you’re motivated and determined, you’ll be just fine. And when you get derailed, it’s important to remember to get back up and go on. And remember – fitness is reversible so don’t you stop! Keep track of your progress and be proud, but never be satisfied.

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