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Turn Young Ones Green

Encouraging environmental awareness in the youngA new generation has seen the need to go green. Now, more importantly, our children’s generation needs to grow up with a green mindset being first and foremost in their minds – for their future, and for generations to come.

Teaching our children to be environmentally friendly could just be one of the greatest gifts we could give them. Introducing this new world-conscious mindset to your children is actually easier than you think. The truth is it starts at home, with you!

We all know that children learn what they see and hear so by shaping up your own green sense, your children will be sure to follow suit.


Positive impact of green living

Sit down with your family and explain what being environmentally friendly means. Make sure they understand the positive impact green living has on us all and on the world. It is important to also teach them the devastation to the world and to future generations that not going green will undoubtedly have.

Give everyone a chance to come up with ways they can help the planet, and then choose from these ways that each member of your family can participate.

Changing to a lifestyle where you are aware of the damage to the planet is actually simple and with a little practice will become second nature for all of you.


Teach your children

It can start with things as simple as getting your children into a good routine in the mornings so they will be on time to catch the bus to school, a taxi, to get a lift with others or to walk or ride their bicycles if the school is close enough and safe enough. Explain to them that when they share a ride with others, it means fewer people are burning fuel, and when they walk or use their bicycles there is no fuel burned at all.

Teach them to switch lights off when they leave a room.

It’s not necessary to leave the tap running while they brush their teeth or to even leave the shower on while they wash. These are just bad habits we’ve all have picked up throughout our lives.

Use of products derived from trees obviously does no good for natural forestation and should be avoided as far as possible.


Unplug for green

We are all at fault for not unplugging chargers for cell phones, computers and other gadgets and appliances when not in use. Teach your children by example.

Get your youngsters involved in sorting the refuse and recycling whatever is possible.

Start an organic garden with your children. Encourage your children to find out about composting and organic gardening and make it a family project.

Arbour Day does not have to be the only day to plant trees. Planting and nurturing a tree is another fun family project with long-lasting rewards.

Knowledge is power and it’s no different with our children. The more they know about our world the better equipped they are to understand just how easy it is to waste valuable resources. And never mistakenly think they are too young to learn. The sooner they are taught, the sooner their living habits will adapt themselves to a greener life.

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