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Working Dad – Making Time For The Kids

working dadsA recent survey proves that more than 40% of working dads do not have enough time for their families. This is due to the fact that most fathers had to take on more work over the past year, which means no quality time with the family. We are all feeling the brunt of the economic crisis, and even though we do not realize it, our kids feel it too. During tough times like these, it is the time spent with the family that suffers, and we will start seeing the effect it has on our children in their behaviour.

Most of the time a working dad leaves home before the children wake up in the morning and comes home when they are already in bed, or just before they go to bed. So, how do you get to spend more time with your kids as a working dad?


Eating Time

It would be ideal to just leave your job and give your family all the time in the world, but that is not possible for most people. The next best thing is to create as much time as you can out of whatever time you have. When you get home in the evening, and the kids have not had their supper yet, you can always take the time to sit down at the dinner table with them to eat a meal together.

Dinner time is one of the more traditional times for families to catch up on the day’s events, so take advantage.


Story Time

If your children have already had supper before you get home, there is always before-bed story time. Most parents do not think of this time at night because they are too tired from work, but this can prove to be a real helper in the bonding department for you and your kiddies. Take the time to sit next to their beds or cuddle up next to them for a good bedtime story. These are moments they will remember for a long time to come.


Plan a Picnic

If you take a lunch break during the day, which we are entitled to, and you do not work too far from home, you should plan a little picnic for you and the family. It does not have to be something fancy or that will take a lot of time to prepare. Just a few sandwiches, a couple of drinks and the time with your kids are all that is needed.


Help with Homework

There isn’t normally much time for homework when you get home at night. However, to make sure that your little one knows that you are there to support him through his schooling career, taking time to help him with his homework is essential. You do not need to help with all the subjects he does, just sit down and find out which one you enjoy doing together, or which one he is struggling with and make time to do that specific subject when you get home at night.


Start a Garden

There may not be any time to tend to a garden when you get home from work, so this may have to be a weekend activity for you and your child, but it still ensures that you are spending time with your little one. Start a small veggie or fruit patch in your back yard and make it a project that only the two of you work on together. Giving the child the responsibility of making sure that the patch is watered everyday is also a great talking point for when you tuck him in at night.


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