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Working Mums – How to Cope

As a mother, you are expected to juggle a variety of roles on any given day, even more if you throw a full time career into the mix!  For working mums, it can seem like there is a never-ending stream of things to accomplish on any given day. And with all these demands come an inevitable shortage of time. After all, there are only so many hours in any given day and working mums already have a full days work to contend with before getting to the kids and their needs!

Working moms: some facts

The statistics speak volumes about just how hard mothers around the world are working to support their families. In an age of economic crises and general uncertainty, it is rare for a family to have an unemployed stay-at-home mother anymore. In the UK, statistics indicate that two thirds of mothers are employed outside the home; with similar figures in the US.

There’s also little argument that children take lots of hard work, energy and funds. So what’s a working mum to do? Read on for some great tips for organizing and delegating a bit more of your tasks so that you can get on with the business of enjoying your children while they are still young.

Tips for working mums: Organization boot camp

It comes to organizing a full time career and a family, organization is your greatest tool. By prioritizing the most important items first, you can ensure that the most important things are done when they need to. Working mums need a few organizational tools to maximize their time. One of the best organizational tools for mums is a giant white board for schedules and reminders, allowing everyone to add their needs to the board means that you can easily keep track of all the scheduling you need to, at a glance.

More tips for working mums: taking help where ever you can it

If you are trying to work full time and raise a family; you are going to need help. There just aren’t enough hours in the day and the sooner you admit that to yourself and others, the easier you can make things for yourself and your family.

Help can come in many forms:

– Your children: As soon as they are old enough, you’ll need to teach them how to clean up after themselves and contribute to the general maintenance of the home and running of the house.

– Your family: Try to think beyond the usual grannies and grandpas babysitting services, what about aunts, uncles and godparents?

– Your friends: Although use this option with caution, especially with childless friends. You should be able to rely on your friends to help you out of the various

– Other ideas: The Internet offers a wealth of ways for working mums to network with each other. Do not underestimate the powerful effect that a group of mums can have when they get together to solve a problem.


As a working mother, you are already part superwoman. Take whatever help you can get and watch your children reap the rewards of an ever better, more balanced mother.


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