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Your child’s Horoscope


ARIES: March 21 –  April 19

Words to associate with your Aries child:

confident | passionate | enthusiastic | leaders | self-starters | goal-oriented | self-expressive | outgoing | moody | insensitive | quick-tempered | impatient | impulsive

Aries StarSign:

Aries children are generally quiet at first but enjoy the limelight. They definitely require a lot of attention. Encourage their enthusiasm but also teach them the value of completing projects. They have an insatiable curiosity but if you give them information and time you will soon discover how intelligent they are.

Aries children are active, energetic and fairly accident prone, so keep a plaster close at hand. Because they are always on the go it is essential that you provide them ample opportunity for physical outlets and activities that capture their imagination.

Their forceful personalities can lead to domination and competitiveness in their social interactions. Begin socialisation with older children to try and dissuade their tendency to be bossy. They may be wilful at times so you will need to persist with the word -no’. They are very protective of siblings and always loyal.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Television/Radio | Advertising | Architecture | Army | Police force | Construction

Famous people:

Mariah Carey (27 Mar) | Charlie Chaplan (16 Apr) | Dudley Moore (19 Apr) | Carmen Electra (20 Apr) | Eric Clapton (30 Mar) | James Garner (07 Apr) | Larry Page (26 Mar) | Aretha Franklin (25 Mar) | Leonardo da Vinci (15 Apr)


TAURUS: April 20 – May 20

Words to associate with your Taurus child:

practical | conservative | reliable | generally well grounded | determined | powerful | focused | patient | determined | stubborn | self-repressive | introverted | rigid

Taurus StarSign:

The Taurus child has a sweet, calm disposition. They like a soothing and secure environment. Although fairly relaxed they will also enjoy the occasional rough-and-tumble activities. They enjoy spending time with family so are quite content to play with siblings. They are generally sociable beings and are comfortable having friends of both sexes.

These children thrive outdoors so ensure they spend plenty of time in the park and get them involved in activities when older. They may occasionally be prone to bouts of laziness so be sure to assign chores around the house to make them feel useful. Reward systems make them feel appreciated and more likely to contribute. Taurus children can be stubborn at times so keep rules simple. Repetition is very necessary when disciplining these children. Just ensure you do it in a calm manner and your little one will comply.

Lots of attention and affection is necessary to make a Taurus child feel secure. Physical demonstrativeness from parents is a must for their emotional and mental development. Their stubbornness may make them inflexible and closed-minded so it is extremely important to teach them how to compromise in order to impact positively on their relationships with others.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Banking | Accounting | Scientific research | Interior Design | Public Relations

Famous people:

Barbra Streisand (24 Apr) | Al Pacino (25 Apr) | Billy Joel (09 May) | Michelle Pfeiffer (29 Apr) | Bono (10 May) | Karl Marx (05 May) | Pope John Paul II (18 May) | Sigmun Freud (06 May) | Queen Elizabeth II (21 Apr) | Golda Meir (03 May)



GEMINI: May 21 – June 20

Words to associate with your Gemini child:

curious | social | people-oriented | adaptable | articulate | self-expressive | outgoing | intelligent | charming | detached | non-committal | restless | nervous

Gemini StarSign:

Gemini children are very intelligent and real live-wires. They are entertaining and extremely active. These children enjoy communicating so many talk to themselves or an imaginary friend, and in some cases, even develop their own language before learning to speak.

They are very inquisitive by nature so they are constantly on a quest for answers so be prepared to answer many questions – they really hate the word -no’ and are more likely to listen to reason and logic. Geminis thrive in social settings so get them involved in playgroups or preschool as soon as possible. Communication is key in raising a Gemini child – engage with them on an intellectual level and talk to them about their thoughts and emotions. Completion of tasks is a value they will need to learn as they tend to focus on many different things at one time thereby making it difficult for them to set a goal and achieve it.

As the Gemini child generally has a hard time making decisions the parent should try to be as consistent and stable as possible to help counter this indecision displayed by your child. Instability may lead the Gemini child to be debilitated by indecision and therefore unable to take action. When parenting, assume the role of a friend as well as a counsellor to help them grow into well-adjusted adults.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Tour operator | Sales | Advertising | Public Relations | Healthcare

Famous people:

Donald Trump (14 Jun) | Henry Kissinger (27 May) | Angelina Jolie (04 Jun) | Ice Cube (15 Jun) | John F Kennedy (29 May) | Anna Frank 12 Jun) | Prince Philip (10 Jun) | Tom Jones (07 Jun) | Nicole Kidman (20 Jun) | Venus Williams (17 Jun)



CANCER: June 21 – July 22

Words to associate with the Cancer child:

intuitive | sensitive | leaders | kind | caring | loving | empathetic | introverted | over-sensitive | clingy | moody

Cancer StarSign:

Cancerian children are very nurturing and tend to shower their parents with love and affection. These are no doubt admirable qualities but may lead to them wanting to remain at home and subsequently becoming shy of others. A harmonious home life impacts on this sign’s emotional well-being.

Try to avoid arguing or raising your voice in their presence. They have a tendency to take responsibility for any discord in the home. Ensure that they have opportunities for social interaction to help build their confidence. Socialize from young to avoid this child adopting a reclusive personality. Once they are comfortable in their group their leadership potential develops.

Due to their -mothering side they can be bossy – encourage your Cancerian to compromise. They are generally artistic by nature so be sure to provide them with activities which encourage this creative side. This sign may experience times of brooding and dwelling on past events. Teach them alternative ways to deal with their problems to prevent them retreating into themselves and bottling up their emotions. Teaching them self-discipline in a loving way will contribute to their positive, all-round development.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Law | Psychology | Teaching | Nursing | Social work

Famous people:

Dalai Lama (06 Jul) | Danny Glover (22 Jul) | Giorgio Armani (11 Jul) | Estee Lauder (01 Jul) | John Cusack (28 Jun) | Lindsay Lohan (02 Jul) | John D Rockefeller (08 Jul) | Larry David (02 Jul) | Lionel Messi (24 Jun) | Nelson Mandela (18 Jul) | Meryl Streep (22 Jun) | Princess Diana (01 Jul)


LEO: July 23 – August 22

Words to associate with the Leo child:

confident | passionate | enthusiastic | warm | creative | proud | faithful | generous | determined | powerful | stubborn | focused | domineering

Leo StarSign:

An environment that allows Leo children to be creative, inquisitive and speak their minds is one in which they will thrive. In general, Leo children are happy and enjoy playing and expressing themselves in a positive manner. They do however enjoy being the centre of attention which may lead to them dominating others.

They have a lot of stamina and may give parents difficulty at bedtime as a result of this. They have natural leadership ability and assert themselves with ease. As parents, it is important to teach them the value of sharing and helping others. They are competitive by nature and therefore enjoy sports which help to show and develop their skills.  Attention and affection boosts their self-esteem and brings out one of their best qualities – loyalty.

Young Leos respond very well to positive reinforcement and an encouraging word is generally all that is needed to keep your little Leo working hard. They absolutely hate to fail though so as a parent you will need to teach them the value of learning from mistakes and not letting it turn them into quitters.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

CEO’s | Managers | Editors | Government positions | Design

Famous people:

Louis Armstrong (04 Aug) | Hilary Swank (30 Jul) | Jackie Kennedy (28 Jul) | Sergey Brin (21 Aug) | Stanley Kubrick (26 Jul) | Wesley Snipes (31 Jul) | Danielle Steel (14 Aug) | Robert Redford (18 Aug)


VIRGO: 2 August – 22 September

Words to associate with the Virgo child:

practical | conservative | reliable | well-grounded | adaptable | excellent communicators | diligent | intelligent | perfectionist | shy | modest | finicky | critical | sensitive

Virgo StarSign:

Virgo babies are usually very particular – they will definitely let you know what they like and don’t like. These children respond well to a set routine and schedule. They also prefer simple surroundings without a lot of distractions. Virgo is the sign of the helper so they love to feel useful – harness this by setting simple tasks in the household.

As they are more verbal than most they generally prefer to hang out with grownups or older children. The Virgo child is extremely inquisitive and intelligent which are attributes that will be noticed early on. They have very active minds so provide them with lots of hands-on activities, puzzles and books. Due to their great desire to learn they usually take on far too much.

Their greatest critic is themselves so be sparing with parental criticism. Help them to accept their mistakes or it could lead to them hiding their troubles and potentially becoming self-destructive. Compliment their successes and make lessons out of their failures. Some children may also be too critical of others so teach them to accept others for their strengths and weaknesses alike.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Technician | Statistician | Medical researcher | Investigator | Translator | Writing | Catering

Famous people:

Cameron Diaz (30 Aug) | Adam Sandler (09 Sep) | David Copperfield (16 Sep) | Mother Teresa (26 Aug) | Shania Twain (28 Aug) | Beyonce (04 Sep) | Lance Armstrong (18 Sep) | Lennox Lewis (02 Sep) | Leo Tolstoy (09 Sep)



LIBRA: 23 September – 22 October

Words to associate with your Libra child:

curious | detached | unemotional | social | charming | compromising | diplomatic | flirtatious | initiators | vague | Indecisive | easily influenced | gullible | temperamental | evasive

Libra StarSign:

Libra babies coo and show off their sweet smile for anyone who shows them attention. They need plenty of attention and affection from their caregivers. They may be a little needy and very often need reassurance of your love for them. They have an inborn sense of right and wrong.

This sign is very generous so they struggle to understand at times why others aren’t as giving. They are very social and time management becomes an issue if it cuts into their play-time. They tend to exhibit artistic skills and enjoy creative activities. The Libra child also loves talking and has good conversational skills. This should be developed from young as they are intelligent and retain knowledge easily.

They love treats and respond well to reward or incentive systems. They may get bored easily so provide them with a variety of activities to keep their minds stimulated. The Libra child may become anxious easily if anything disrupts the harmony in the home. Ensure that they have plenty of time for privacy and a quiet space. Nurture and love them and they will respond tenfold.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Lawyer | Mediator | Negotiator | Administrator | Social Work | Advertising

Famous people:

Margaret Thatcher (13 Oct) | Chevy Chase (08 Oct) | Cliff Richard (14 Oct) | George Gershwin (26 Sep) | Rita Hayworth (17 Oct) | Luciano Pavarotti (12 Oct) | Oscar Wilde (16 Oct) | Simon Cowell (7 Oct)



SCORPIO: 23 October – 21 November

Words to associate with your Scorpio child:

intuitive | emotional | sensitive | determined | persistent | loyal | creative | jealous | obsessive | stubborn | emotional | hot-tempered

Scorpio StarSign:

The Scorpio child is an old soul. They seem to have an innate understanding of the world from young. They absorb information quickly and are very competitive. They are extremely determined to reach their goals.

Scorpio children enjoy being around adults and socialising with family. They are very curious and ask copious questions about their environment as well as searching for answers on their own. Loyalty is an attribute they readily show in friendships and they do not need to be the centre of attention despite often being leaders.

They may brood at times so it is important to give them space to be alone if needed. As Scorpio children are very intuitive they are greatly affected by other people’s feelings. They tend to be introverted at times and there is a danger of them bottling up their feelings. At times they may be possessive and a little jealous so try spending one-on-one time with them while still encouraging them to share at all times.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Police investigator | Law | Physics | Research writing | Engineering

Famous people:

David Guetta (07 Nov) | Gary Player (01 Nov) | Indira Gandhi (19 Nov) | Martin Luther (10 Nov) | Wayne Rooney (24 Oct) | Danny DeVito (17 Nov) | Gordon Ramsay (08 Nov) | Goldie Hawn (21 Nov) | Whoopie Goldberg (13 Nov) | Scarlett Johansson (22 Nov)



SAGITTARIUS: 22 November – 21 December

Words to associate with your Sagittarius child:

confident | passionate | enthusiastic | adaptable | outgoing | carefree | adventurous | energetic | honest | optimistic | careless | irresponsible | frank

Sagittarius StarSign:

Baby Sagittarius is primed for exploration from day one. They usually delight in discovering new things and are constantly smiling. They are usually independent, outgoing children and thrive amongst their peers. They are generally popular at school due to their kindness and generosity and often look out for the underdog.

Although they do need affection, give them space to explore as hovering will result in them withdrawing from you. The Sagittarius child is generally happy to play alone for hours or with peers. They also have a love of learning so provide them with plenty of educational toys and books. They are likely to speak early and use an extensive vocabulary. Free spirit is an apt description and they love to be outside. Sagittarius children adore pets and stuffed toys.

These children are very perceptive so ensure you don’t lie to them in order to maintain trust and respect. Rules and limits should be set upfront as they need boundaries. Sagittarian children respond well to encouragement. Due to their restlessness they need a disciplined regime to prepare them for life. Provide opportunities for both mental stimulation and hobbies and sports until you find what works for them.  

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Sales | Public relations | Social administration | Entertainment | Hospitality

Famous people:

Emily Dickinson (10 Dec) | Bette Midler (01 Dec) | Jane Austen (16 Dec) | Jimi Hendrix (27 Nov) | Mark Twain (30 Nov) | Anita Baker (20 Dec) | Pope Francis (17 Dec) | Winston Churchill (30 Nov)



CAPRICORN: 22 December – 19 January

Words to associate with your Capricorn child:

practical | conservative | reliable | well-grounded | leaders | goal-oriented | humorous | ambitious | patient | industrious | disciplined | pessimistic | brooding | rigid | cautious | serious

Capricorn StarSign:

Capricorns are mature and serious children. They are happiest in secure and well-structured homes. They respond easily to discipline as they love to make their parents proud. They have a tendency to be perfectionists which means they seldom cut themselves enough slack. This sign usually makes friends for life and are extremely loyal.

They enjoy being outdoors and crave the company of other children. They are likely to become popular with their peers. Capricorns are natural leaders, enjoy team sports and are extremely ambitious. Capricorn children usually know exactly what they want and are determined to get it. They don’t always express their feelings therefore it is vital as a parent that you read their body language to understand their feelings. These children need to be taught that working towards a goal is important but so too is having fun and enjoying the process.

Encouragement is very important as this sign is afraid to make mistakes. At times they are reserved and quiet and like to solve problems on their own – allow them to do this while letting them know that you are available to help or for advice. This sign tends to worry more than most so provide a safe space for them to express their thoughts and feelings. They are very family-oriented and love celebrating traditions with relatives. A weekly family night and a set schedule of chores will give them the solid base they need to excel.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Doctor | Accountant | Lawyer | Marketing | Art

Famous people:

Ava Gardner (24 Dec) | Dian Fossey (16 Jan) | Alex Ferguson (31 Dec) | Anthony Hopkins (31 Dec) | Benjamin Franklin (17 Jan) | Denzel Washington (28 Dec) | Isaac Newton (25 Dec)



AQUARIUS: 20 January – 18 February

Words to associate with your Aquarian child:

determined | powerful | honest | intellectual | loyal | friendly | independent | inventive | rebellious | stubborn | unconventional | unpredictable | detached

Aquarius StarSign:

Aquarians are born with a touch of genius and a daredevil streak. It is important to start socializing your Aquarius with peers early as they crave company. Although they tend to have many friends they may find it difficult to establish close relationships. These children may be quirky and eccentric and are always entertaining. This sign doesn’t like to see anyone being treated unfairly and will fight for the rights of others.

Encourage their sense of humanitarianism and team spirit by getting them involved in community service groups and sports. Aquarian children are also competitive and good athletes. These children love being in big, outdoor spaces to run carefree. Despite their appearance of confidence they are quite sensitive so parental understanding and lots of encouragement is needed.

As parents you need to be aware that the Aquarius child doesn’t like authority so for maximum co-operation state rules clearly and logically and don’t talk down to them. Due to their rebellious streak it is important to follow through on threats.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Aviation | Design | Music | Photography | Computer Technology | Mechanics

Famous people:

Abraham Lincoln (12 Feb) | Diane Lane (22 Jan) | Jack Lemmon (08 feb) | Jack Nicklaus (21 Jan) | Oprah Winfrey (29 Jan) | Mozart (27 Jan) | Cristiano Ronaldo (05 Feb) | Virginia Woolf (25 Jan) | Ellen DeGeneres (26 Jan) | Yoko Ono (18 Feb)



PISCES: 19 February – 20 March

Words to associate with your Pisces child:

adaptable | sensitive | intuitive | artistic | selfless | generous | kind | open-minded | impractical | easily lead | careless | shy | vague

Pisces StarSign:

Pisces babies have wise and knowing personalities. These children are caring individuals. They are greatly moved by the suffering of others. They like to take care of others which may lead to bossiness with peers. They are very imaginative and creative so provide a lot of opportunities for artistic expression. The Pisces child has a tendency to spend too much time with adults so get them socialized with peers from an early age.

They are creative and compassionate and sometimes let the heart rule at the expense of commonsense. Emotional connections with family members, friends and even pets are vital to them. Pisces children absorb information at a rapid rate but usually need help to sort their ideas into what is practical and what is not. This sign tends to be far too trusting so monitor them closely in this regard.

Their compassion sometimes leads them to try and parent the parent so it is necessary to be responsible with your emotions to allow the Pisces child to be a child. Sensitive Pisces may become overwhelmed by their strong emotions at times so having clear, consistent rules in the home helps Pisces to feel safe and secure.

Possible careers/fields according to Star Sign:

Arts | Fundraiser | Social worker | Healthcare | Management

Famous people:

George Washington (22 Feb) | Cindy Crawford (20 Feb) | Jessica Biel (03 Mar) | Gordon Brown (20 Feb) | Kurt Russell (17 Mar) | Rob Lowe (17 Mar) | Andy Gibb (05 Mar) | Liza Minelli (12 Mar)


– Janet Lamont George


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