Lego Cake


8 marshmallows
1 butter cake, trimmed to the lego 4 side brick proportions

180g softened butter
3 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 cups soft icing mixture, sifted
3 tablespoon milk and a little extra to thin the icing later
2 teaspoon food colouring

1) Place the butter cake brick on a cake board and into the freezer for 1 hour.
2) While your cake is in the freezer, place the butter in a bowl and mix until fluffy. Add vanilla and combine.
3) Using half a cup at a time, add the icing mixture and beat well. As the mixture becomes stiff, add some milk and the food colouring until all of the icing ingredients are combined.
4) Remove the cake from the freezer and coat the entire cake in a thin coat of icing and return the cake to the freezer for 30 minutes.
5) When the cake is chilled, mix the remaining icing again for 2 minutes and give the cake a smooth coat.
6) Thin the remaining icing with a few drops of milk and place the marshmallows on a fork and dip into the icing.
7) Place the marshmallow onto the cake using a knife.

— Recipe picture courtesy of Bianca Trevor Matten


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