Stewed Apples (for baby)


First foods for baby (6 to 9 months)

1) Apples are a rich source of fibre and high in vitamins. They are easy to prepare and are the perfect first-time fruits to introduce to baby.
2) Select apples which are naturally sweet, such as Pink Ladies or the Golden Delicious varieties. Avoid Granny Smith apples; these are a little too sour for baby’s sensitive palettes.
3) Peel one medium sized apple. Core apple and make sure that all pips are removed and cut into bite sized cubes. The cut apple can be steamed or boiled in water (just enough to cover). Steam or boil until apple is soft, do not boil until the apple resembles sauce.
4) Using a strainer and folk, mash the apples until they are the perfect consistency for baby. At 6 months, the foods do not need to be as well strained as for younger babies. To sweeten add a little (a pinch is enough) of nutmeg or cinnamon (a little sugar can be added, if necessary).
5) Using the same apple recipe, add a pear the following week, to create an apple and pear medley, or mash a banana into the medley! (Introduce one new fruit a week).


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