Bed Wetting Issues?

Bed Wetting Issues?

Parents, who have successfully completed potty training with their child, are often disheartened to discover that that their pre-schooler is wetting the bed. Many parents may rush off to a psychologist, believing that their child has psychological problems, while others may rush in the direction of the family doctor.

Before making any rash decisions, parents should take a few steps back and try and figure out what are the possible causes for the bed wetting.

The fact is that millions of children go through a bed wetting stage and the cause can be simply that they have had too much liquid to drink, too late. Monitor your child’s intake and limit the last drink to at least an hour before bed time, making certain they go to the toilet before bed.

Bed wetting may be as a result of a nightmare or bad dream. Try and use a night lamp and see if the problem is solved.

If bed wetting continues, it may be wise for the parents to consult a medical doctor as bed wetting may be as a result of serious problems, such as:

  • Type two diabetes;
  • A urinary tract infection;
  • A problem at school or at home, which the child is not willing to talk about;
  • Or a nervous disorder.

If the bed wetting continues for more than two weeks, do not ignore the signs and consult with a trained medical professional who will assess the child and determine what course of action needs to be taken. It is important for parents not to scold the child as for most pre-schoolers bed wetting is an embarrassing situation.


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