Holiday Time with the Family

Holiday Time with the Family

With another long and exhausting school term coming to an end, moms and children alike look forward to the six week holiday that signifies the end of another tough year. Even though the extended school break is eagerly awaited, a few short days into the holidays and the dreaded words -mom, I’m bored are uttered. 

Trying to keep kids entertained during the holidays is an easier said than done task and when January arrives, mothers breathe a sigh of relief. Why not adopt a new approach these school holidays and pre-plan enjoyable adventures for the kids before the holidays begin and in this way when boredom strikes, you will be ready to rise up to the challenge and keep the kids happy.


Fun ideas for around the house

In South Africa, we are blessed with wonderfully hot December weather. Take advantage of it and plan a lot of outdoor activities for the holidays. If you are fortunate to have a swimming pool, plan a small pool party, let the kids invite over a few friends, serve a simple lunch and supervise while the kids play -marco-polo’ or other fun pool activities.

Play dates – a lifesaver for the suburban mom. If you kids have friends in the area, arrange with parents to have alternating play dates.  When it is your turn to host a play date, try to stock up on play dough, colouring books, etc. and let the kids be creative.

Kids of all ages love treasure hunts and the loot does not need to be an expensive treat. Wrap up a few cheap toys or a few cool treats and hide them around the garden. Kids are crazy about adventures, so draw up a simple treasure map or hide word clues around the garden that give hints on where the hidden treasure is buried.

Introduce the kids to books. A book is a passport to endless adventures and more than just expelling the -boredom’ monster, kids will learn how to use their imagination and improve their vocabulary.

Brave mothers, who are not afraid of mess, could spend a few hours baking. Pick out a simple and fun recipe, like cupcakes, and give the little bakers the chance to explore their baking talents.


Planned events

A lot of local municipalities like the City of Johannesburg host children’s holiday programs. They often offer camps in areas such as Magaliesburg, where kids over the age of 10 can enjoy a week in the country. The rates for the camps are very affordable and campers are able to take part in supervised activities, like archery and crafts.

Many day holiday programs are held at local community centres and these programs focus on educational learning and offer fun-filled activities. To find out more about the planned events arranged by local municipalities, visit your city’s website or the community centre where more information about the holiday programs and camps can be obtained.


Out for the day

A day out is a great holiday treat and kids can be treated to a day at the movies, ice-skating, ten pin bowling, paintballing, or a picnic. All across South Africa there are so many lovely parks and they have dedicated picnicking sites. Perhaps arrange with other families to spend the day together and let the kids enjoy the freedom of the open park.

A lot of families do not have the funds to go away for the holidays. Camping can be just as fun (if not more fun) than staying in a hotel, especially for kids. Plan a weekend away camping and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

A lot of parents are under the impression that kids will enjoy activities that are expensive but the gist of it is that most children value time more than money. Why not take the time out these holidays to spend real quality time with your kids and simply enjoy each other’s company.

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