Health Tip: Make Sure Your Child’s Shoes Fit

(HealthDay News) — Your little one is growing faster than you expected, and his or her feet are no exception.

As children’s shoe buying becomes a frequent ritual, the American Podiatric Medical Association offers this advice:

  • Make sure the shoes have firm heel support, a flexible sole where the feet bend, cushioning in the insoles, and good arch support.
  • Size the feet when the child is standing and bearing weight on the feet.
  • Allow for a thumb’s width between the tip of the toes and the end of the shoe — enough so the child can comfortably wiggle the toes.
  • Ask the child to walk around in the shoes (make sure socks are on, too). Ask about fit and comfort, and check to see if the feet are irritated afterward.
  • Make sure the shoes don’t slip off at the heel.
  • Measure both feet, and buy shoes in the size that fit the larger foot.

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