Let The Kids Decorate

Christmas decoratingChristmas comes around once a year, and boy! is it an exciting time of the year for children! There are so many exciting things that you can do with them to make unforgettable Christmases every year throughout their childhoods, creating new traditions and memories that will follow them throughout their lives. Whether you have a million-rand home or a humble abode, it is time to let the kids take over the decor for just these few weeks.


Dressing the tree

Dressing the Christmas tree is bound to bring squeals of excitement to your youngsters’ lives, especially if they’re placing their own art work on the tree! It doesn’t matter if the decorations are placed lopsided or you can’t tell what they are. It’s all in the joy of the festive season.

Get into the spirit of things and grab a few Christmas DVDs for the family to watch together and set the mood by filling the air with sing-a-long kiddies Christmas carols.

Drag out all the old family board games and make this a time of strong family bonding.


Glitter and glue and all things fun

Pop in to your local craft store and fill your basket with sheets of coloured cardboard, scissors, glitter in all its sparkling glory, glue, coloured pens, beads, little bells, Christmas stickers and Christmas ribbon.

Choose a time when the children are not tired and then help them make and decorate stars, crosses, mini Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, little angels, holly, a Christmas front door wreath and even the traditional snowflakes so fondly associated with this time of year.

The delicious aroma of gingerbread biscuits baking in the oven is synonymous with Christmas. These little cookies are also a firm favourite with children so get your ingredients together, call the kids into the kitchen and all get stuck in to making these yummy little fellows!


Get traditional with an advent calendar

Making an advent calendar with your children can be great fun, too. If you want to include treats in the openings for each day but size-wise cannot afford the space, then you can always write a clue as to where the treat can be found! Decorating an advent calendar together is bound to bring out the budding artists in your children as the creative possibilities are endless.

Take your young ones into the garden to choose some twigs and leaves and other natural items. These will look stunning painted or decorated with some small bells and some attractive beads, making for a true family effort Christmas front door wreath.

Oh! And don’t forget to help the kids make some holly from the cardboard!


The joy of Christmas is in the giving

And lastly, but certainly not least, teach your children the joy of not only receiving, but of giving, too. Now’s the best time to make them aware that there are other children who have far less than they do. Work with them and clear out clothing they have grown out of and toys they are now too old to play with. Take your kids with you when you deliver these items to a children’s home. This way you will be teaching your own children a valuable lesson in humility as they will learn from a tender age just how blessed they are to have what they do and that there are those far less fortunate than them in this world.

The possibilities for turning your children’s focus away from -what presents will I get? to how much fun the family can have together at this festive time of year are endless.

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