Sibling Jealousy

Sibling jealousy can sometimes result from various situations and factors. Oftentimes, it happens between two or more siblings who are close in age and growing up in the same household. In some situations when a mother is pregnant with a child and already has an older child, jealousy may develop if the older child feels neglected after the new baby is born. In other instances, it happens when one sibling may feel as if the other is being treated more special. It is going to be up to the parents to identify this before it gets out of hand and address it in an amicable fashion.

One sibling will sometimes experience jealousy when a parent or parents are showing a lot of attention to the other sibling. This kind of jealousy is not new nor is it anything to be gravely concerned about unless it gets out of control.

Sibling jealousy is familiar to many families. This type of jealousy is a result of something that the other sibling sees that makes him or her think that they are not being treated fairly like the other one is. It may also be a situation where the parents are doting over one sibling who probably accomplished something great. Parents have to be careful of putting too much focus on one child over the next. If the other child has not accomplished anything recently, the parents should include the child in the excitement and present it in a way as to show that as long as someone is part of the family, they had a part in this accomplishment as well. You don’t want to exclude the other sibling from what is going on.

Use a direct approach when dealing with sibling jealousy, which means you are going to ask the sibling who is showing; the reason why and the type of feelings that are being felt. You should validate these feelings and don’t pretend that it is not necessary because you, as the parent, is not the one with those feelings; therefore, don’t sweep it under the rug.

You should also be more observant when it comes to your children. Look out for instances of jealousy and deal with it right away. Be sure to spend time with each child and ensure that it is quality time.

Be careful to have respect and acceptance of your children’s feelings. Give your children a forum to voice their concerns. Make it easy for them to come to you when these feelings occur. Do not scold your child for being jealous. Instead, you should educate your child and provide information that will help the child to try to figure out the reasons for the feelings to be able to work through them.

Reinforce your love for each child individually and collectively. Sit down and talk about it. Be sure to give your children a chance to express their views as well.


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