Stimulating Your Child’s Development

Child DevelopmentIt’s only natural that you want the best for your child in every possible way, and for many parents, this means putting in heaps of time and effort reading stories, playing games and tackling various projects together. It’s all in the name of optimum childhood development and the hopes that the time and effort you put in will mean a brighter, happier and more well rounded adult.

Between the ages of three and six, your child will learn a variety of skills and the beginnings of their personality will begin to become apparent. These are some exciting times for parents! If your child is between the ages of three and six, and you are looking for ways to aid your child’s development, read on for a few ideas.


How to stimulate development between three and 6

The key is to get your kids engaged in as many different types of activities as possible, something that can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. But when it comes to stimulating activities for, the options are endless and not necessarily expensive either.

–        General ideas: There are plenty of tried and tested ways to stimulate your child’s development around these ages. Think about the kinds of things you used to love doing when you were younger. Try painting, reading stories, playing ball, a bicycle/tricycle, building sandcastles at the beach, or simply climbing a tree. There are an almost endless number of imaginative games or simple activities that will be both endlessly entertaining as stimulate development in a number of ways. It’s all about stimulating creativity and engaging as many senses as possible. Outings to the Aquarium, strolls through the forest and time spent preparing their own veggie gardens are just some ways to engage your child in stimulating activities. Although children around these ages are quite capable of making just about anything fun, from a cardboard box to a stack of old clothes.

–        Toys and games: The new generation of children’s toys and games make us all wish that we’d had similar toys when we were younger. There are completely new ranges of toys and games that have been designed by experts to ensure the maximum developmental benefits for your child. Choosing the right toys should be more about balancing the various developmental needs, rather than finding the latest buzz toy. The Fischer-Price toy ranges are often the most sought after, but there are plenty of similar options that aren’t quite as pricey. You don’t need a room full of toys to stimulate learning and growth in your little one though, try to be selective with the toys you purchase.

–        Technology: In this digital age, it’s important to give your kids a head start in whatever way possible. Studies are starting to show that there is some developmental benefit to time spent playing computer games. Although where do you begin to choose the best games? The sheer volume of computer games available is enough to overwhelm any parent. It doesn’t really matter which games you choose, as long you select a variety of subjects and can mix them up. Keep computer games to less than 30 minutes a day and supervise all computer time. Also, consider interactive games like the Wii that get your child physically involved too. Thanks to the huge selection of games and accessories, it’s not too difficult to stumble across a few reasonably priced games they will love.

Television is another way to keep your child occupied with developmentally beneficial activity, although this point is often contentious amongst parents. Most parents are wary of too much TV time, and rightfully so, but when used in moderation, TV programs that are age appropriate are one of the best ways to stimulate learning in a variety of categories. TV shows can model certain behaviours, like using the toilet, so that children can learn through repetition that you don’t need to provide. Experts recommend around 30 minutes a day as enough for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

Aiding your child’s development should be all about fun, for you and your child. One of the greatest things about having children around this age is all the fun playtime you can have with each other. Make the most of these special years and make use of a variety of development boosting playtime ideas together.


 – Kahea Rusch


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