Testing If Your Child Is Advanced

Testing If Your child Is Advanced

Three to six year old kids are at that stage where they are more than curious and have formed their own personalities, likes, dislikes, friends and ideas. Every parent wants to believe that their children are smart and they will do whatever they can to nurture the child who visibly has talents, gifts, and a knack for learning quickly.

It is obvious that not every child will be like Albert Einstein, but there are many who are close to his genius. However, a child should be tested for giftedness and it is up the parents to identify their child’s ability to exceed the average educational requirement. If your child is advanced, you should ask the school to schedule an IQ test.

There are schools that hire special teachers who are able to spot a child’s giftedness when they have been able to fulfill a rather challenging test that surprises the teacher or the child may display special leadership, creativity and artistic skills. The child’s academic performance may be above average.

Once the IQ test identifies that the child is indeed gifted, then the child should be placed in a gifted program where the specialized teacher can observe the child’s progress, suggest advanced classes. This will do much more than the IQ test because it will be ongoing testing to reveal the limits of the child by challenging the child more and more.

A child who is intellectual will tend to be a perfectionist, which means the child sets high standards and educational goals to achieve and goes about accomplishing those educational goals to prove to everyone that he or she is a unique individual. This is going to be a child who constantly pushes the envelope to do better and better. A teacher or parent will be able to assist the child. The teacher could increase the child’s curriculum with approval from the school’s administration and the parent. At the end of the school year, the teacher and parent will be able to evaluate the child’s progress to see what else should be done. One thing should be decided and that is no pressure should be applied by either parent or teacher. Everything should be done gradually.


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