Yoga For Kids: Holistic Activity Or Health Fad?

Kid yogaYoga classes for kids are really starting to take off. Although it may be a little slow on the local front, it is a concept that is being grasped around the world. But, why get kids involved in this seemingly adult activity? Surely bending and contorting yourself into a human pretzel is something not for children, right? Maybe not.


Good to know

According to yoga experts, children stand to benefit from participating in the activity. Studies have also suggested that yoga may help your child to develop a stronger body and may help build their self-confidence. It could also quiet their minds and strengthen their focus… something that, in today’s life, is becoming increasingly important. Yoga can also develop self-discipline. And, through regular practice, yoga helps children become aware of themselves from the inside out.

In addition , yoga for children also has positive social implications by encouraging them to foster new relationships. This aspect is often overlooked, however it’s vitally important. In modern times, it is common for children to isolate themselves from the world and live through technology. However, a regular activity, such as yoga, provides them with a social connection and an opportunity to nurture new friendships.

This all may sound great, but exactly what is yoga for children all about? In a nutshell, it serves to introduce children to the art and practice of yoga techniques in an age-appropriate curriculum and environment. However, these classes rarely focus on perfecting poses. Instead, there is a strong focus on the basics, with the connection between breathing and different poses, featuring in the forefront.

These classes are also made more suitable for the children and are very different to adult classes. After all, it would be difficult to encourage a child to focus on nothing but breathing technique and holding specific poses for several minutes. Which is why yoga classes for children incorporate an element of fun. Often the instructor will lead the class through the poses by instructing them to look and act like their favourite animals. Alternatively, the instructor may lead the class through a story that is based upon certain yoga poses.


Getting started

Although yoga classes for kids may not be as common as those for adults, they are becoming increasingly popular. You can consult your local gym, or if they do not have classes for kids, check the yellow pages. You can also try run a search on your favourite search engine and see what pops up.

Once you have found a class, make sure that the instructor is teaching techniques and poses that are suitable for children. Perhaps observe a class or two before signing your child up.

If you just cannot find a class nearby, then there are always books and DVDs that could work reasonably well as the poses are very basic and form is not crucial when it comes to children’s yoga.

Getting children started at a young age can equip children with essential tools to coping and managing everyday stress. And, the benefits gained from this activity could be enjoyed in years to come.

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