50 reasons why pregnancy is wonderful

50 reasons to get pregnant It seems like all we ever do is complain about the many pregnancy woes. From morning sickness to stretch marks to cankles, most women know all about the downsides to pregnancy well before they ever get pregnant. But what about the awesome parts of pregnancy, why do we focus on these any less?

Here are 50 reasons why pregnancy is wonderful:

  1. Guilt free naps: The combination of pregnancy exhaustion and lack of caffeine can be brutal, that’s one of the many reasons why society encourages pregnant women to sleep whenever they need to. Nap in the morning, afternoon or evening without guilt. You can probably even get away with napping at work! What kind of monster disrupts a pregnant woman’s nap?
  2. An excuse to buy new clothes and shoes: At what other time in a woman’s life is there an excuse to go shopping for an almost entirely new set of clothes?
  3. Cravings: Feel like pickles and ice cream at 2am? How about a steak with chocolate sauce? Whatever you feel like, you have license to demand it then and there. Thankfully most partners are happy to oblige.
  4. No need to carry heavy items: This is especially wonderful if you are moving house mid pregnancy. 
  5. You get to see a whole new side to those around you: Pregnancy brings out a whole new level of consideration from all those around you. People offer you food, open doors for you and are just generally nicer to you. Enjoy it now, they aren’t quite as nice when you have a screaming toddler in tow!
  6. You get to see a whole new side to your significant other: Suddenly he’s more than just your boyfriend or husband, he’s a father.
  7. A built in belly shelf: Once your belly pops, you’ll have a fantastic shelf to balance your cereal, noodles, tea or ice cream.
  8. Skipping ahead in bathroom queues: Most women understand the seriousness of a pregnant woman needing to pee. If there is a queue you will be swiftly ushered to the front in most cases.
  9. Gorgeous hair: The joys of prenatal vitamins and pregnancy hormones. Suddenly you have a fabulous head of shiny, thick hair.
  10. Gorgeous nails: Those prenatal vitamins do wonders for nail growth too.
  11. Glowing skin: Pregnant women really do glow. Even if you got the pregnancy zits, you still have a wonderful happy glow about you that people will notice. (Even if you don’t isn’t it nice to have strangers fib and tell you, you are glowing?).
  12. Always having a seat on bus or train: Unless they were raised by a pack of wolves, most people will get up and offer a pregnant woman their seat on a train or bus.
  13. You’re off cat litter duty for a few months: You’ll make up for it in poopy nappies later but for now your man can do the gross jobs.
  14. Time off work: Maternity leave is fantastic, but you also get time off work for all those doctor appointments in the lead up to the big event.
  15. You’re never alone: Your little one is always safely tucked away inside you. You’ll miss that feeling as they grow up!
  16. You can talk to, sing and rub your belly: Pretty much the only time in your whole life this will be ok. What makes it even more incredible is when baby starts responding to yours and your partners voices.
  17. Pregnancy photos: Oh the endless fun of pregnancy photos! Browse Pinterest for some fantastic creative ideas and really make the most of these 9 months of your blossoming curves. Or pay a professional to capture this precious time for you.
  18. A ready-made excuse for any event you don’t want to attend: Your pregnancy can get you out of pretty much any event you don’t feel up for.
  19. Buying cute baby things: This will NEVER get old. Newborn clothes, booties, blankies, accessories are just scrumptious.
  20. Crying without shame: Pregnancy hormones, license to let the tears flow freely.
  21. No need to suck in your tummy for a while: For those of us with less than flat tummies the rest of the time, pregnancy is the only time we aren’t self-consciously sucking it in.
  22. Pregnancy boobs: No matter what they were before, the girls will probably reach porn star proportions during pregnancy.
  23. No period for 9 months: Oh the JOYS!
  24. Doctors’ orders to put your feet up: You don’t want varicose veins now do you? Better put those feet up regularly!
  25. All the pampering, massing and rubbing your partner is suddenly keen for: Even if you never got a single massage for the duration of your 10 year marriage, your man will suddenly be willing to rub and massage anything you request.
  26. If you’re lucky: insane libido. Apparently your lady bits get increased circulation and this can improve libido exponentially during pregnancy. Some lucky women even report enjoying multiple orgasms for the first time in their lives.
  27. No need to worry about getting pregnant / no need to worry about trying to get pregnant: Both can ruin your enjoyment of the act.
  28. New friends in all kinds of places: Suddenly every woman who has ever been pregnant before has advice to give or sympathy to offer.
  29. Kicks, hiccups and somersaults from inside: It’s just indescribable.
  30. You’ll understand your mother in all kinds of new ways: and you will love and appreciate her all the more.
  31. No hangovers: And you get a whole new perspective on the drinkers around you.
  32. Feeling healthy: Suddenly every item you put into your body is under scrutiny. You’re making super healthy choices and possibly feeling healthier than ever before.
  33. No need to feel guilty about dessert: Sure pregnancy doesn’t mean to ‘eat for two’, but you still need some extra calories. And your metabolism will probably be working overtime so go ahead, enjoy that cheesecake. 
  34. A new appreciation for your body: It’s doing all kinds of weird and wonderful things to help grow this human inside you.
  35. The insane joy of scans; first heartbeat, finding out the sex, the 3d scan.
  36. Your baby shower: A party with lots of gifts for your little one, how wonderful.
  37. The insane cleaning frenzy that comes with the nesting instinct: Make the most of this energy burst while it lasts! Once you have a newborn you will be far less inclined to organise and clean everything.
  38. A medical reason to avoid stress: Stress is bad for the baby and you need to avoid it. If you are vigilant about safeguarding your stress levels, you will hopefully be less stressed than you were when you weren’t pregnant.
  39. An excuse to wear comfy clothes whenever: Go ahead, wear your yoga pants to run errands.
  40. Daydreaming about the baby: It’s a beautiful, endless game that only pregnant women and their partners can play.
  41. Strangers smiling at you and congratulating you: Strangers are genuinely happy for you.
  42. Watching your belly grow: Some days you wake up and it seems much bigger than the day before, other days you wonder how it’s possible that it can get any bigger.
  43. Seeing the joy on your partners face when he feels the baby move: Priceless.
  44. Watching your other children kiss, talk to and rub your belly. Their excitement at having a sibling is just incredible.
  45. Every week there’s another milestone to look forward to: Ears this week, a nose next week, toenails the next. It goes on like this for months.
  46. You get to read lots of pregnancy and baby books: more reason to take it easy.
  47. A sudden -we’re in the same boat bond with all other pregnant women
  48. A newfound relationship with your mother in law: Even if she was a monster before, suddenly you are growing her genetic material inside you and for some reason this softens even the most hardcore battle axes.
  49. Knowing that you have MADE A PERSON.
  50. And finally, the very end of the pregnancy when you push the last push and finally hear those first magical cries and get to meet your little miracle.

To be pregnant is a blessing, just ask any infertile woman. Although it can be easy to forget when you have haemorrhoids or are puking constantly. For the days when you are feeling particularly miserable, refer back to this list and remind yourself that pregnancy is a beautiful privilege and in so many ways, it rocks.

– Kahea Rusch


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